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GATE CE 2022: Transportation Engineering & Surveying Quiz #9

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Question 1

A 30m metric chain is found to be 0.1 m too short throughout the measurement. If the distance measured is recorded as 300m, then the actual distance measured is:

Question 2

A steel tape was exactly 30 m long at 320c when supported throughout its length. A measurement was done at a mean temperature of 200c. What will be the temperature correction, Take θ = 11×10-6 per 0c

Question 3

A derived quantity s is given by s = 23.9/8.34, maximum error will be-

Question 4

A baseline measured with a steel tape gives an approximate length of 1000 m. The value of standardised pull is equivalent to 15 kg and the applied pull is 23 kg. The cross-sectional area tape is 0.0645 cm2 and E = 2.11 x 106 kg/cm2. Temperatures Tm and T0 are 35 Co and 15 Crespectively.

The coefficient of thermal expansion of the material of the tape per ℃ is 11.5 x 10-6. The difference in the level of the two ends of the base line is 2 m. R = 6400 km. Elevation of the baseline above Mean sea level = 1000 m.
Match List-I (Corrections) with List-II (Value) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:
A) Correction for pull
B) Correction for temperature
C) Correction for sea level
D) Total correction
1) 0.23 m
2) 0.058 m
3) 0.1305 m
4) -0.15625 m

Question 5

A 20 m chain was found to be 20 cm too long after chaining a distance of 2500 m. It was found to be 28 cm too long at the end of the day’s work after chaining a total distance of 4000 m. What is the true distance (in m, correct to one decimal digit) if the chain was correct before the commencement of the day’s work?

Question 6

The plan of a map was photo copied to a reduced size such that a line originally 100mm, measures 90mm. The original scale of the plan was 1:1000. The revised scale is
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