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GATE CE 2022: Transportation Engineering & Surveying Quiz #10

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Question 1

For a given level tube, the length of one division is 2 mm. What will be the radius of the level tube if the staff reading changes from 2.635 to 2.760 when the bubble in the tube moves by 5 divisions. The staff is held at a distance of 200m from the level.

Question 2

The following readings have been taken from a page of an old level book. The R.L of first station, when R.L of last station is 123.85 m, is ___________ decimeter.

Question 3

A bench mark has been established at the soffit of an ornamental arch at the known elevation of 100.0 m above mean sea level. The back sight used to establish height of instrument is an inverted staff reading of 2.105 m. A forward sight reading with normally held staff of 1.105 m is taken on a recently constructed plinth. The elevation of the plinth is

Question 4

If the sensitivity of the bubble tube of a level is 30" of arc per division, then the distance of a point at which the combined curvature and refraction corrections become numerically equal to the error induced by dislevelment of one division of the level tube (in m) is

Question 5

During a levelling work along a falling gradient using a Dumpy Level and a Staff of 3m length, following successive readings were taken: 1.785 2.935, 0.360, 1.320.

What will be the correct order of booking these four readings in a level book? (BS: Back Sight, IS: Intermediate Sight, FS: Fore Sight)

Question 6

A surveyor measured the distance between two points on the plan drawn to a scale of 1 cm = 40m and the result was 468 m. later, however, he discovered that he used a scale of 1 cm = 20 m. true distance between the points will be-
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