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GATE CE 2022: Transportation Engineering & Surveying Quiz #1

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Question 1

The functions of a median are:

(i) To prevent head on collision between vehicles.

(ii) To channelize traffic at intersections.

(iii) To distribute the traffic evenly.

(iv) To provide aesthetic appearance.

Question 2

The undulation on a pavement surface having 1 km of length were measured at an interval of 250 m and following values were observed:

0.053m, 0.078m, 0.062m, 0.045m

What is the “Unevenness index” of the pavement.

Question 3

A road embankment 10 m wide at the formation level, with side slopes of 2 horizontal to 1 vertical and with an average height of 5 m is constructed with an average gradient 1 in 40 from contour 220 metres to 280 metres. Find the volume of earth work.

Question 4

A vehicle was travelling with a speed of 54 kmph. He notices an obstacle and immediately breaks were applied. If the length of skid marks is 45.20 m, what is the breaking efficiency of vehicle? Assume coefficient of longitudinal friction to be 0.36 .

Question 5

A slow-moving vehicle at a speed of 84 kmph requires a clear spacing of _____ (in m) to overtake. (length of wheelbase = 6 m.)

Question 6

On a two- way traffic where the speed of the overtaken vehicle is 40 Kmph and that of the overtaking vehicle is 68 kmph, compute the Overtaking sight distance (m)considering the Acceleration as 0.9 m/s2.
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