10 Out of the Box Questions Asked in SSB Interview

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

The NDA exam is India’s most difficult competitive examination to join Defence Forces. To reach the National Defence Academy, one must clear both the Written and SSB interview. The SSB interview evaluates a candidate’s psychological makeup and capacity for stress. The entire procedure checks your responses for consistency at different levels and with other answers.

Sometimes, a candidate has been subjected to odd questions throughout the conference and the interview. To assist candidates in passing their interview, we have provided “10 Out of the Box Questions Asked in SSB Interview.”


10 Out of Box Questions Asked in SSB Interview

SSB Interview is designed to test a candidate’s physical and mental strength. The candidate can’t be selected unless he has sound logic and reasoning skills. The interviewing officer tests the way you react to a question which may sound silly at first, but it can determine the results of the interview. Candidates have been asked many twisted questions in SSB interviews which may sound silly but aren’t. Here in this article, we are sharing some out-of-the-box questions asked in the SSB interview.

Q. Tell me the exact volume of this room?

Ans. Just give a blind guess and explain with logic, involving the formula for the cube’s volume.

Q. Tell me 5 uses of Pen?

Ans. The five uses of the pen are as follows:

  1. The pen is used to write.
  2. As a pointer to give a presentation.
  3. As a bookmark.
  4. As a weapon to kill someone.
  5. To do hair- bun.

Q. What is the colour of the wall behind you?

Ans. This question is asked by IO to check the candidate’s attention and observation level. Be attentive when you go inside the room. Generally, the colour of all walls is the same so that you can guess by looking at the wall in front of you.

Q. IO: Can you tell me which aircraft is shown in the painting?

Ans. Generally, this question is asked in the AFSB interview. Brush up your knowledge of the Air Force before going in an AFSB interview.

Q. Which weigh more: 100 kgs of coins or 100 Kgs of feathers?

Ans. Both weigh the same irrespective of their quantity. This question is asked to check the alertness of the candidate. 

Q. If you were stuck in a room, having no phone or internet, how would you know the temperature outside?

Ans. IO, by asking this question, wants to check your resourcefulness. You can use a thermometer. Or you could shout at the person outside to know the temperature.

Q. What is written on the door, push or pull?

Ans. Again this question is asked by interviewing officer to check the alertness of the candidate. Generally, candidates enter the room without noticing the common stuff, like If they push or pull the door.

Q. Tell me 5 Uses of eyeglasses?

Ans. One must think that eyeglasses are only used for visual aid, but it’s not true. Eyeglasses can do things like:

  • Protect your eyes from sun rays, dust, water, etc.
  • It can send signal rays.
  • The frame can be used as a hook.
  • Can be used as a digging/cutting tool.
  • Fire can be started using the lens.

Q. What would you do if your sister and I ran away?

Ans. This question is used to test your reasoning ability in emotional conditions. This is a hypothetical question, and the interviewer wants you to think logically rather than get angry.

Possible Answer: I would contact and call both of you back and arrange a grand wedding.

Q. Do you have a girlfriend?

Ans. Answer this question honestly because IO wants to check your focus towards your goal and your topmost priorities in your life.

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