PIQ Form in NDA SSB Interview - Know Its Importance & How to Fill Form

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : May 13th, 2022

PIQ Form or Personal Information Questionaire form is the first thing after the document verification is completed in the SSB Interview. If you are fresher or a repeater, filling a good PIQ is the first step towards SSB Interview selection.

Importance of PIQ form in SSB Interview

PIQ form is very important as it has crucial information about the aspirant, so interview questions in SSB interview are generally asked from whatever you write in your PIQ form.

In this article, we will discuss the PIQ form in detail.

What is PIQ form?

PIQ stands for "Personal Information Questionnaire," a set of basic questions written on a paper required for an interview with your SSB. These questions are helpful for evaluators to judge you better. By reading the PIQ they understand your personality after knowing certain things about you.

The Personal Information Questionnaire (PIQ) contains some basic information about the qualifications, achievements and family background of the candidate, etc. After clearing the screening test, a candidate is required to fill two copies of the same.

Below is a PIQ form:



Role of PIQ played in SSB interview:

The PIQ is a candidate's first impression with the IO and psychologist. An impression of carelessness is given by a form that is hurriedly written or has too many cuttings and over writings or gives incomplete information. It is therefore important for candidates to fill in the form properly.

The PIQ provides basic candidate background information. However, it will not be able to give any insight as to the attitude of the candidates towards life and work, whether they are likely to get along with people, whether they can adapt to the service environment, their problem areas, social activities, and leadership potential, etc.

Candidates must carefully provide the information in the PIQ and be prepared during the interview to share logically their experiences and lessons of their participation in all the activities they mentioned in the PIQ.

How to fill PIQ form correctly in SSB interview:

  1. Take your time and carefully fill the PIQ form.
  2. Write clean and neat, write the correct thing in the correct place.
  3. Furnish all the details - education qualification, responsibilities held, hobbies, etc.
  4. Avoid cutting & overwriting
  5. Keep achievement in a chronological manner.
  6. Practice filling the PIQ form before going to SSB Interview.

What does the PIQ form reveal?

  1. Remember that a good PIQ is like the candidate's letter of recommendation. SSB assesses a candidate's future by analyzing his past. Your events in life will make it easy for you to face the hard life of the armed forces.
  2. Cutting and overwriting reveals that the candidate lacks clarity in thoughts and has a careless attitude.
  3. Following a proper order while writing responsibilities and achievements reveals good organizing ability.
  4. A person who has an ample amount of responsibilities, hobbies and achievements, extra-curricular activities is a social person and can adjust easily with others.
  5. Hobbies and interest reveal a lot about personality. Hobbies that are productive and creative generate interest of the interviewer.

Questions that are directly asked from PIQ:

  1. What is your name, the meaning of your name, the meaning of the names of other members in your family, compare yourself to them, the name of your place of origin.
  2. Family: How many members since the description and kind of relationship with each member, closer to whom, closer to whom, closer to whom you admire when living in the same place. Compare with any of your brothers or sisters. What do you prefer to have an elder / younger brother/sister if you're alone? Family worker occupation, if you work what your job profile, salary, etc. is.
  3. Education: an institution where you completed your schooling, since when any achievements, any responsible position held in the institution during your education, represented the institution at what levels, subjects you liked the most and those you didn't like at all, why, teachers, you liked the most and those you didn't like at all, why (including teachers and subjects up to all these years of education and education). What are you doing at the moment, what are the additional options (if not the army), why, why, since when the army liked?
  4. Friends: What kind of friends you like, what kind of friends you don't like, where you've gone and where you want to go with your friends, why are these people your friends, describe your best friend, compare him with you (appearance, height, texture, thinking, something common in both of you), their hobbies and interests, the way they live and what they want to achieve in life.
  5. How do you spend your time, your hobbies and interests?
  6. How would you organize a competition for football / hike / cycle / local festival / trek / swimming?
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