Chronology of Maharashtra History: MPSC Study Notes

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Chronology depicts the exact order in which the events have occurred. Chronology helps understand the cause and the effect of those events. It allows us to introspect and infer the ‘big picture of history, such as how the events have unfolded and why they unfolded in the manner. Therefore, chronology is the science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time.

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Chronology of Maharashtra History

Chronology is the use of a timeline or sequence of events that unfolded in the past. Chronology is a part of periodization that helps determine the actual temporal sequence of past events, including earth history, the earth sciences, and the geologic time scale study. As part of chronology, dates are important as they depict when a specific event was held and helps examine the relationship between the past events. 

Timeline of Maharashtra



600 BC

One of the 16 great janapadas, named as ‘Ashmaka’.

230 BC to 225 AD

Ruled by the Satvahanas

250 to 525 AD

The Vakatakas brought Vidharba under their rule.

550 to 760 AD

Ruled by the Chalukyas (Badami Chalukyas)

640 AD

Chinese pilgrim Xuanzang visited Maharashtra

973 AD

Rashtrakutas rule comes to an end

973 to 1180 AD

Ruled by the Chalukyas (Western Chalukyas or Kalyani Chalukyas)

1189 to 1310 AD

Ruled by the Yadavas of Deogiri (Seunas)

1296 AD

Alla-ud-din Khilji, the first Muslim sulatn of the north penetrates the Deccan, defeats the Yadavas and carried away a huge loot.

1534 AD

Portuguese occupy Mumbai

1659 AD

Shivaji captures Satara from Sultanate of Bijapur, leads revolt against the Mughal empire.

1661 AD

Mumbai transferred from Portugal to Britain

1668 AD

British government transfers Mumbai to British East India Company

1674 AD

Shivaji became first King of the Marathas

1680 AD

Shivaji dies

1689 AD

Sambhaji dies

1707 AD

Shahu I become Chhatrapati of the Maratha Empire

1720 AD

Bajirao I becomes Peshwa (Prime Minister)

1740 AD

Death of Bajirao I

1756 AD

Marathas capture the town of Attock (now in north-west Pakistan).

Maratha empire reaches its largest extent.

14 January 1761

Maratha are defeated at Third Battle of Panipat


First Anglo-Maratha War


Second Anglo-Maratha War


Third Anglo-Maratha War

3 June 1818

Peshwa Bajirao II surrenders to the British

15 August 1947

India becomes independent

1 November 1956

Bombay state enlarged to include all of present Maharashtra.

1 May 1960

Bombay state split along linguistic lines into new states of Gujarat and Maharashtra.

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