Capital of Maharashtra: Check Winter & Summer Capital of Maharashtra

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Capital of Maharashtra: The capital city is a metropolis with primary status in a country or state, usually as its seat of government. The capital is typically a city physically occupied by government offices and meeting places. The Maharashtra state has two capitals for administration purposes. In this article, we will study the summer & winter capital of Maharashtra in English & Marathi.

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Capital of Maharashtra

  • Historically, the major economic hub of a state or region has often been the epicentre of political power and Capital through conquests or federations.
  • The Capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai (formerly Bombay), is an island city on the west coast, connected to the mainland by road and railway. 
  • Rightly known as the gateway to India, Maharashtra is one of India’s largest commercial and industrial centres. It has played an influential role in the social and political life of the country.


Capital of Maharashtra may refer to:

  1. Mumbai, Summer Capital of Maharashtra
  2. Nagpur, Winter Capital of Maharashtra

Why does Maharashtra have two Capitals?

  • Mumbai is the Capital, while Nagpur is the sub-capital of Maharashtra.
  • Since the formation of the Maharashtra state, separatist groups have demanded Vidarbha as a separate state for various reasons. Nagpur represents the Vidarbha region.
  • Considering the East-West distance of Maharashtra, it is inconvenient for people from Vidarbha to reach Mumbai. Thus, Nagpur was created as the vice-capital / sub-capital of Maharashtra. Previously, it was the capital of the former State of Madhya Pradesh ( Central Province ) before forming current Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh states.
  • Winter Session of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly occurs at Nagpur. Also, the Bombay High Court has Nagpur Bench at Nagpur.
  • These efforts are taken for the sake of convenience and to maintain regional balance.

Summer Capital of Maharashtra

Capital of Maharashtra: Check Winter & Summer Capital of Maharashtra

  • Summer Capital is a city that is used as an administrative capital, especially during extended periods of hot summer weather. The term is mainly relevant in the historical context of the political system in which the ruling classes would migrate to the summer capital, making it less prevalent in modern times. The availability of air conditioning systems also reduces the need to migrate to the summer capital from time to time.
  • Mumbai (also known as Bombay, the official name until 1995) is the summer capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.


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