Last Minute Tips & Strategy to Prepare for PPSC JE 2022 Exam

By Ashwani Jain|Updated : March 5th, 2022

Last-minute revision tips for PPSC JE exam play a vital role while you are appearing for the exam. The PPSC JE important revision tips make your preparation better and boost your confidence before you appear for the actual exam. The PPSC JE exam for Civil is going to be held on 6th March 2022.

With 1052 vacancies, this is a big opportunity to avail of the job as a junior engineer, hence aspirants must give their best shot for the exam. Smart revision tips can make candidates score better in exam that will prove to be the selection criteria for the selection for the PPSC JE post.

This article emphasizes the need for last-minute tips for the preparation of PPSC JE exam. The revision tips for PPSC JE Exam will be highly effective to increase your marks in the exam. Read on to know more. 

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Last Minute Tips to Prepare PPSC JE 2022 Exam

1. Maintain Speed & Accuracy 

  • Accuracy and Speed are the most crucial parameters that will help you clear your PPSC JE exam. Maintain speed from the start of the exam so that you can solve lengthy questions with ease.

2. Keep in Mind Negative Marking 

  • Please keep in mind that there is a negative marking of 0.5 marks for each wrong answer so answer your question wisely. Do not attempt any questions when you are not sure about the particular question’s answer.

3. Read the Exam Instructions Carefully 

  • It is very important to read the exam instructions carefully before starting the exam.
  • Solve any questions after reading the question instruction carefully.

4. Time management 

  • Manage your time during the exam well and wisely because time management is a key to success.
  • You should have an idea in advance that how much time you will spend on each question.
  • Attempt those questions first in which you have the confidence to solve them and then move to other questions.  

5. Advance Strategy to Approach the Exam 

  • Before you come out on a real exam, make sure you have clear plans in mind for the exam.
  • By now you should be aware of your strong and weak topics in all categories.
  • So the wise plan is to try those topics first in which you are strong and then solve questions on weak topics as time is left.

6. Do Not get stuck into any questions 

  • There is the same marking for all questions in the exam so if any question is taking more than it usually takes then attempt the next question straight away.
  • If you are unable to solve any question at the normal time, you should drop it at that time and move on to the next question.
  • You have to remember that your main goal is to increase your exam scores wisely.

Do’s and Don’t for the PPSC JE Exam

  • When the exam starts, do not panic. Stay calm and begin by reading the exam instructions.
  • Make sure you have answered all the questions.
  • Do not spend much time on any one question.
  • You should be prepared for surprises in the Non-technical and Technical Parts of the exam, as many new topics may be asked.

Important Formula Notes for Revision for PPSC JE Exam 2022

Candidates appearing for the PPSC JE exam should refer to PPSC JE Important Formulae given below. The given PPSC JE Important formulae have been prepared by the BYJU'S Exam Prep experts and experienced faculty. Check Important Civil Engineering Formulae for PPSC JE Exam provided below:



Download Link

Civil Engineering

Hydrology & Irrigation

Click Here

Fluid Mechanics

Click Here

Strength of Materials

Click Here

Building Materials

Click Here

RCC & Prestressed Concrete

Click Here

Transportation Engineering & Surveying

Click Here

Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering

Click Here

Engineering Mechanics & Design of Steel Structures

Click Here

PPSC JE Last Minutes Revision Tips to Prepare Pattern

Before we move to the last-minute tips & strategy, a clear idea of the pattern of the exam is a must. The PPSC JE exam is being conducted in offline mode only. The aspirants of PPSC JE can check the updated PPSC JE Exam Pattern in the table given below:





Questions From the Subject(Civil Discipline)



2 Hours

Questions from General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning and Mental ability






Also, Check PPSC JE Syllabus

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  • The following are the Last Minute Revision Tips for the PPSC JE exam.

    1. Maintain Speed & Accuracy 

    2. Keep in Mind Negative Marking 

    3. Read the Exam Instructions Carefully

    Check this article to know more. 

  • You can maximize your attempts by attempting easy questions first and then moving to hard ones at last and do not stuck on one question. 

  • You should check that you have answered all the questions and filled the OMR Sheet correctly and All the details in your OMR are correct.

  • No, you should not read a new topic before 1 or 2 days of the exam. Revise what you have studied and believe in yourself.

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