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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The WPS full form is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. CISCO created WPS, which was originally made available in 2006. It is a protocol for establishing a safe and secure wireless home network. Wi-Fi connections can be made simpler using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Wi-Fi Protected Setup is the well-known WPS full form. The most recent models of routers with Wireless Protected Access Personal Wireless Protected Access 2 WPA or Protection for WPA 2 do not have the WPS feature. If we don’t want to share our Wi-Fi with the same person, we can share it with them using our WPS PIN and reset it once the Internet job is finished. Now let’s understand the WPS full form in-depth.

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What is the WPS Full Form?

The WPS full form is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. The WPS security standard is used to create a WiFi home network. You may already be aware that WPS lacks a security feature. Making a safe and secure WiFi home network is instead a standard for network security. WPS was developed to speed up and simplify WiFi connection.

The WPS was developed by Cisco and used for the first time in 2006. There is no security option in WPS. A very secure and safe wifi home network is created using this security standard. A wireless protected setup (WPS) was developed to make connecting to Wi-Fi easier. An 8-digit code pin part of WPS allows you to see the numerical value.

WPS Full Form- Characteristics

The WPS full form is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. It is a wireless security standard created to quickly and easily connect the device and a router. WPA private and WPA2 Personal Security Protocol-encrypted wireless networks are the only ones that support WPS. The characteristics of WPS are given below.

  • WPS enables Wi-Fi access point owners to prevent unauthorized users from utilizing their own Wi-Fi.
  • If we push the WPS button on the router, WPS can be made available to other users.
  • PIN, or Personal Identification Number, and PBC, or Push Button Configuration, are the two authentication methods available with WPS.
  • The WPS protocol identified three different device kinds in a network: the Registrar, the Enrollee, and the AP, an access point that serves as a bridge between them.
  • Only wireless networks using the WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security protocols and passwords will support WPS.

WPS Full Form- Advantages

The full form of WPS is Wi-Fi Protected Setup. After discussing the definition and characteristics of WPS, let us check the advantages of WPS full form given below.

  • The network name (SSID) and password for the access points are generated automatically by WPS.
  • The network name and password are not required when connecting WPS-enabled devices.
  • Since the keys are produced at random, nobody can predict your security key.
  • We don’t need to remember the username or password because WPS connections are so convenient.
  • Currently, Windows Vista consolidates and supports WPS.

WPS Full Form- Disadvantages

Apart from the advantages of WPS (WPS full form: Wi-Fi Protected Setup), there are various disadvantages of WPS. Let us check the disadvantages of WPS given below.

  • Adhoc networks, in which wireless devices communicate directly with one another without an access point, are not supported by WPS.
  • Because it is a numeric code, which is simple to decipher using brute force, it is less secure.
  • It is challenging to connect the non-WPS client due to the lengthy hexadecimal character sequences.
  • Since this technology is brand-new, not every trader supports the WPS system.
  • Only devices that support WPS can use WPS; otherwise, a conventional connection must be made.
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