Computer Networks Important Topics for GATE CS Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Computer Networks Important Topics for GATE CS Exam: A network may be a group of computer systems and other computing hardware devices that are linked together through communication channels to facilitate communication and resource-sharing among a good range of users. Networks are commonly categorized supported by their characteristics. the network aims for the correct working of the system over the web.


In the GATE exam, Computer networks possess a good amount of marks, preparing this subject nicely can help aspirants in improving their GATE rank and score. so one should prepare for this subject very well. A computer network is an important subject not only for competitive exams but also for research purposes, and learning computer networks will boost up your security knowledge to improve the performance of the system.

A computer network is defined as the group of different computers or devices linked with each other via a network, to transfer information or set up communication between different devices across the world. In GATE’s syllabus computer network mainly revolve around the seven-layer OSI model and TCP/IP model. Studying these two model’s deeply and mill make your concepts stronger and will improve your problem-solving skills.

Some important and frequently asked topics of Computer networks are listed below:

  • Application Layer
    • DNS
    • SMTP
    • HTTP
    • FTP, TFTP
    • TELNET
  • Transport layer
    • TCP Protocol
    • UDP Protocol
    • State transition diagram in TCP
    • Congestion Control policies
  • Network layer
    • IPv4
    • IPv6
    • IP addressing
    • Routing Protocols
    • Fragmentation
  • Data Link Layer
    • Flow Control Policies
    • Error Control Policies
    • Framing
    • Ethernet
    • CSMA
    • ALOHA

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Computer Networks Important Topics for GATE CS Exam

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