The Word Computer is Derived From

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The Word Computer is Derived From the Latin word computare which refers to calculating, summing up, thinking together, to count. The meaning of a computer is a device that performs computation. The term computer is described by Charles Babbage also known as the father of computers after creating and conceptualizing the Analytical Engine in 1837. The Analytical Engine includes an ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit), integrated memory, and basic flow control, acclaimed as the first general-purpose computer concept.

What is Computer?

  • A device that can store and process information is called a computer. 
  • The majority of computers use a binary system, which performs operations including data storage, algorithm calculation, and information presentation by using the two variables, 0 and 1. 
  • A computer can be any size or shape; examples include supercomputers that weigh more than 300 tonnes and little cellphones.
  • The most powerful computers are capable of carrying out extremely difficult tasks like simulating nuclear weapon tests and forecasting the progress of climate change.
  • Even more difficult jobs could be completed with the advent of quantum computers, devices that can handle several calculations through quantum parallelism (derived from superposition).
  • There are five basic components of a computer which include: Input Unit, Output Unit, Memory Unit, Control Unit and Arithmetical and Logical Unit.


The Word Computer is Derived From

The Word Computer is Derived from the Latin language ‘computare’, which means ‘to calculate, ‘to count’, ‘to think’, or ‘to sum up. The word computer was first used in 1613as a label for a person that performed calculations.

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