SEBI Grade A Salary 2022: Job Profile, Promotion & Benefits

SEBI Grade A Salary 2022: Job Profile, Promotion & Benefits

ByKanika Ralhan  |  Updated on: Jan 6, 2022
SEBI Grade A Salary details are discussed here along with the in-hand salary details, perks & allowances. Moreover, you can also check out the SEBI Grade A job profile together with career growth.
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One of the main things that attract several candidates to apply is the SEBI Grade A Salary, which any candidate will receive if appointed as Assistant Manager in the Security and Exchange Board of India. Any person working as an Assistant Manager will draw a handsome salary and is entitled to various benefits and perks offered along with SEBI Grade A Salary.

The appropriate knowledge of SEBI Grade A salary is really important as it will not only cater to the doubts and confusion, it will also motivate and give you the push you need to qualify for your SEBI Grade A exam. SEBI Grade A salary plays a major role and is equally important, as are other details and information. SEBI Grade A salary, work profile, promotion, and career growth are all important aspects to keep in mind while preparing for SEBI Grade A exam.

SEBI Grade A Salary Structure 2022 (in-Hand)

Here we will be providing details salary structure of the Assistant Manager working in the Security and Exchange Board of India Also apart from the salary, candidates preparing for SEBI Grade A exam will also be interested in SEBI Grade A Job Profile. Check out the article below to know about SEBI Grade A Salary and Job Profile. 

SEBI Grade A Assistant Manager Salary

As per the official notification from the official website of the Security and Exchange Board of India, the pay scale under SEBI Grade A Employee Salary is as follow- 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)-46600-EB-1750(4)-53600-2000(1)-55600 (17 years) which means that the initial basic pay provided to any Grade A Officer will be 28150 and after 4 annual increments of 1550 INR, it will be 34350 (at the end of 5th year) which will ultimately become 55600 after 17 years. Apart from the basic pay, any SEBI Grade A officer receives various perks and benefits which are listed below: 

  • Dearness Allowances
  • Local Allowances
  • Monthly Petrol Allowance (100-200 liters)
  • Quarterly Allowances
  • House Rent Allowance (optional)

Thus the total SEBI Grade A salary including various allowances is around 73000/- with accommodation and 107000 without accommodation. Salary details including various allowances are given below:

ComponentSalary Details
In-Hand Salary (includes Basic Pay and after all deduction)55000 (Approx..)
Petrol Allowances15000 (Approx...)
Quarterly Allowances24000 (8000 per month)
House Rent Allowance34500

SEBI Grade A Officer Other Benefits

Benefits: Other benefits apart from salary are, Leave Fare Concession,  Eye Refraction, Financial Dailies, Book Grant, Briefcase, Conveyance Expenses, House Cleaning Allowance, Medical Expenses, Staff Furnishing Scheme, Scheme for Purchasing Computers, Education Allowance, Subsidized Lunch Facility and all other benefits as provided to an Officer in Grade A in SEBI.
d. Accommodation: Subject to availability, residential accommodation would be provided
d. Posting: The employee may be posted and transferred to any location across India where SEBI has its Offices and branch. The recruited employees/officers may be posted to any department of SEBI, irrespective of the stream.

This was all about SEBI Grade A salary, work profile, and career growth. We hope this article will help you to decide your way. When you know about the opportunities in SEBI, prepare for the exam right away.

Pay Scale in SEBI for Other Profiles

Sl No.GradeScale (INR)
1Junior Assistant20700-1200(3)-24300-1440(4)-30060-1920(6)-41580-2080(2)-45740-2370(3)-52850-2850(1)-55700 (20 years)
2Grade 'A'44500-2500(4)-54500-2850(7)-74450-EB-2850(4)-85850-3300(1)-89150 (17 years)
3Grade 'B55200-2850(9)-80850-EB-2850(2)-86550-3300(4)-99750 (16 years)
4Grade 'C'77950-2850(3)-86500-3100(2)-92700-3300(4)-105900-EB-3300(2)-112500-3550(1)-116050 (13 years)
5Grade 'D'110050-3550(2)-117150-3700(5)-135650-3900(1)-139550 (9 years)
6Grade 'E'117150-3700(1)-120850-3900(2)-128650-4100(3)-140950-5000(5)-165950 (12 years)
7Grade 'F'165900-5000(4)-185900 (5 years)
8Executive Director (Pre-revised)120500-3500(2)-127500 (3 years)

SEBI Grade A Job Profile & Work Responsibility

As there are five different streams for SEBI Grade A recruitment, each profile may have different work and tasks to be completed beforehand.

  • Looking after the legal issues. Employees will be responsible for the issues related to the legal framework and the organization itself.
  • Handling issues related to market securities, commodities, and Indexes, etc.
  • The employee may be given multiple responsibilities in the IT department.
  • Looking after the acquisition and mergers.

SEBI Grade A Assistant Manager Career Scope and Promotion

Below mentioned are some points listed regarding the scope and promotion of Grade A officers in SEBI.

  • Grade A officer is the entry-level officer post in the SEBI organization. One can expect to become an executive director, which is the top-level post in an organization. Chairman and whole-time members.
  • The executive director can also be promoted to the post of chairman.
  • Promotions depend on the work done in the organization although it may take 5-6 years to be promoted in SEBI.

The organizational structure in SEBI





General manager ( Grade E)

Deputy General Manager ( Grade D)

Assistant General Manager ( Grade C)

Manager ( Grade B)

Assistant Manager ( Grade A)

1. Usually, the candidates are posted to Mumbai or offices situated in metropolitan cities to continue their career in SEBI

2. Training to all the selected candidates will be provided to its headquarters which is located at MUMBAI.

Important Note: There is a probation period for all the selected employees of 2 years. Selected candidates will be on a probation period which may be extended based on the performance of the employees.

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SEBI Grade A Salary FAQs

  • The salary of a SEBI Assistant Manager Grade A will be between 73000 to 107000.

  • Other benefits includes House Rent, Travel Allowances, Insurance, Dearness allowances and various other expenses.

  • As an Assistant Manager in SEBI, you need to look after the various legal processes, maintain workflow, Look after various acquisition and mergers and various responsibilities will be assigned depending on the post you have acquired.

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