NIACL AO Study Plan 2021: Check Subject-wise Study Material for Prelims

NIACL AO Study Plan 2021: Check Subject-wise Study Material for Prelims

ByJyoti Bisht  |  Updated on: Sep 7, 2021
NIACL AO Mains admit card 2021 out officially! Candidates can download the NIACL AO mains admit card here. Also, check vacancy, cutoff, salary, syllabus, papers, exam pattern, eligibility criteria and more.

NIACL AO Study Plan 2021

NIACL AO Prelims Study Plan 2021: NIACL AO Prelims 2021 exam will be held in October 2021 (Tentative), so start working on each section's topics as soon as possible. No section should be overlooked, and the NIACL AO exam is one of the best prospects for anyone interested in working for the government, which is why we advise all of our students to start studying right away.

Importantly, a candidate needs to begin and complete all the topics before the announcement of the exam dates. Keep this thing in your mind that waiting for the dates to be announced to start off the preparation will not be a considering choice. Don't wait now, just hop onto the NIACL AO prelims 2021 Study Plan.

NIACL AO Prelims 45 Days Study Plan

DayQuantitative AptitudeReasoningEnglishAttempt QuizMockTest
03 September (Day 1)InequalityNoun pronounDaily Quiz 

04 September (Day 2)

Simplification and approximation

Square Root

Revise Cube Root

Order & RankingAdjective & Adverb

Daily Quiz


05 September (Day 3)

Quadratic Equation

Tables upto 30

Squares upto 50

SyllogismTenseNIACL AO Prelims QuizNIACL AO Mock Test

06 September (Day 4)

Number series

Alphanumeric SeriesSubject veb agreementNIACL AO Prelims Quiz 
07 September (Day 5)AverageRevise inequalityOrder and rankingRevise Adjective adverb  
08 September (Day 6)PercentageRevise  syllogismSubject verb agreement  
09 September (Day 7)Ratio proportionDirection distanceParajumble  
10th September (Day 8)Revise Previous TopicsBlood relationRevise Subject verb agreement  
11th September (Day 9)Time & workCoding decodingParajumble  
12th September (Day 10)PartnershipRevise direction sense & blood relationCloze test  
13th September (Day 11)Time speed distanceNotes on Input & Output DevicesRevise Previous Topics  
14th September (Day 12)Revise previous topicsTabulationFill in the blanks  
15th September (Day 13)MensurationRankingError Spotting  
16th September (Day 14)Sequence & SeriesAlphabet TestMultiple Meaning  
17th September (Day 15)squaresSitting Arrangement

Sentence Improvement

18th September (Day 16)Permutation & CombinationStatements & Assumptions

Synonyms and Antonyms

19th September (Day 17)ProbabilityRevise Previous Topics

Revise Previous Topics

20th September (Day 18)Revise Covered TopicsAlphanumeric Series

Ace Reading Comprehension

21st September (Day 19)Revise Sequence & SeriesRevise Alphanumeric Series

Revise Ace Reading Comprehension

22nd September (Day 20)Revise Time & WorkOrder & Ranking

Noun Pronoun

23rd September (Day 21)Profit loss & DiscountRevise Inequality Cloze test   
24th September (Day 22)Simple interest & Compound Interest InequalityAce Reading Comprehension  
25th September (Day 23)simple interest & Compound Interest   InequalityAce Reading Comprehension   
26th September (Day 24)Revise Probability Sitting Arrangement Revise Synonyms and Antonyms    
27th September (Day 25) Profit loss & Discount  Statements & AssumptionsPara jumble   
28th September (Day 26)simple interest & Compound Interest   Revise direction sense & blood relation Fill in the blanks   
29th September (Day 27)Revise PartnershipRankingMultiple Meaning  
30th September (Day 28)Mixture & AlligationTabulation Revise Previous topics   

1st October (Day 29)

 Revise MensurationRevise Blood relationRevise Parajumble  
2nd October (Day 30)Age Statements & AssumptionsSentence Completion   
3rd October (Day 31) Profit loss & Discount  Sitting Arrangement Sentence Improvement   
4th October (Day 32)Mixture & Alligation  Inequality Fill in the blanks   
5th October (Day 33)Age Revise SyllogismRevise Subject verb agreement   
6th October (Day 33)simple interest & Compound Interest   Direction distanceAdjective & Adverb  
7th October (Day 34)Revise Mixture & Alligation   Blood relation Noun Pronoun   
8th October (Day 35)Partnership Order & Ranking  Ace Reading Comprehension    
9th October (Day 36) Profit loss & Discount    Inequality  Fill in the blanks    
10th October (Day 37)simple interest & Compound Interest    Direction distance Multiple Meaning   
11th October (Day 38)Revise Mixture & Alligation Revise SyllogismRevise Sentence Completion    
12th October (Day 39)Time speed distance Sitting Arrangement Error Spotting   
13th October (Day 40)Age  Ranking Revise Subject-verb agreement    
14th October (Day 41)Permutation & Combination Inequality Cloze test    
15th October (Day 42)Time & Work  Blood relation  Adjective & Adverb   
16th October (Day 43)Probability  Sitting Arrangement  Ace Reading Comprehension     
17th October (Day 44)Mixture & Alligation  Direction distance   Fill in the blanks    
18th October(Day 45)Partnership  Syllogism Noun Pronoun    

Expert Tips for NIACL AO Prelims 2021 Exam

Follow the NIACL AO 2021 Study Plan 

Candidates must follow a routine or a strategy based on their self-analysis of the NIACL AO syllabus. All the sections and topics must be covered in this study plan. Candidates must assign the same amount of time to each section of the NIACL AO 2021 exam and prepare a timetable.

Make a List of Important Topics

The first and most crucial step is to review the NIACL AO 2021 Exam test pattern and syllabus. Candidates will be able to learn about the subjects, topics, and sections that the NIACL AO question paper is based on by doing so. It will also assist applicants in understanding the importance of each section's topics.

Improve Your Reading Skills

This is the golden rule for passing the NIACL AO or any bank exam. Reading should be made a priority because words and phrases are implanted in the brain and then permanently stored throughout revision sessions so, reading should be made a priority. This will help you a lot while learning the new concepts as you will be familiar with the language a little more.

Update Yourself with Current Affairs

Read one newspaper on a regular basis, and make it a habit to read the financial portions of both the newspaper and the magazine. It will sharpen your memory and learning power so you can answer the GA section smartly.

Do Not Run Behind Shortcuts

Shortcuts are temporary and success does not ask for it. Thus applicants must keep this in mind when studying for any exam. Begin with less time, fewer chapters, and fewer questions, gradually increasing the numbers. Maintain a steady pace and stick to the regimen. Don't fall for any kind of shortcuts to crack the exam as you need to clear the concepts of each section to do so.

Mock Tests Are Must

Practice NIACL AO online Mock Tests to analyze your performance for the exam before taking the real thing. You can attempt the NIACL AO 2021 Mock Test for assurance if you are getting the concepts or not.

Attempt NIACL AO mini mocks

Focus on Accuracy

In both the prelims and mains stages of the NIACL AO 2021 Exam. There is a negative marking of 0.25 mark for each incorrect answer attempted by the candidate. Make sure to preserve accuracy whether taking the test series, mock tests or practicing.

All the Best!

NIACL AO Study Plan FAQs

  • With the help of a focussed NIACL AO prelims study plan you can easily score good marks and crack the cut off hassle-free.

  • Here is the complete day-wise NIACL AO Prelims 2021 Study Plan for the aspirants who will be appearing for the exam.

  • Regularly following the study plan and practicing NIACL AO mock test will surely lead you to success.

  • Yes, you can customize the NIACL AO study plan as per your strong and weak sections.

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