Bank Note Press Study Plan 2021

Bank Note Press Study Plan 2021

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: Jun 16, 2021
Bank Note Press 2021 Recruitment Notification PDF released for a total of 135 vacancies on the official website. Check here the exam date, eligibility, salary, selection, exam pattern, cut off and more.

Bank Note Press Study Plan 2021

Students who are going to appear for the Bank Note Press 2021 exam must be looking for the study plan for the same. A BNP study plan is an essential element for effective exam preparation. The BNP study plan will consist of daily or weekly schedules for the preparation phase with study notes, quizzes, or mock tests.

There are a total of 135 vacancies for the post of supervisor and junior technician. As there are lakhs of aspirants going to compete for the exam, the competition is going to be very tough. So in order to keep yourself ahead in the race, you need to follow a proper study plan for your preparation.

Here we have shared a proper Bank Note Press 2021 study plan for the upcoming exam which is going to be held in July/August 2021. Kindly go through the entire article to get a complete idea of how to prepare for the BNP 2021 exam.

Why Bank Note Press Study Plan is Necessary?

  • Due to the rising competition, it is very important to follow an effective study plan.
  • By following a proper study plan, you will be able to cover the whole syllabus within time.
  • You can make a proper revision strategy.
  • You will be in a calm and relax state a few days before the exam.
  • You can plan to attempt a good number of mock tests.
  • You can assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can provide enough time for each and every chapter in the syllabus.

60 Days Bank Note Press Study Plan 2021 (Daily Updated)

We advise you to complete the assignments given in the table on a daily basis. As time is limited. Ace up your preparation to sail through the Bank Note Press 2021 exam. 

Day 1InequalityNoun pronoun History Of Banking In India Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 2

Simplification and approximation

Revise the previous day math task

Square Root

Cube Root

Order & RankingAdjective & AdverbCurrent affairs Reasoning Ability Quiz
Day 3

Quadratic Equation

Tables upto 30

Squares upto 50

SyllogismTenseBanking structure in India Bank Note Press Mock test 
Day 4

Number series

Alphanumeric SeriesSubject veb agreementBanking GA English Language Quiz
Day 5AverageRevise inequalityOrder and rankingRevise Adjective adverbComputer GABank Note Press Mock test 
Day 6PercentageRevise syllogismSubject verb agreementCurrent affairs  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 7Ratio proportionDirection distanceParajumble   English Language Quiz
Day 8Revise previously covered topicsBlood relationRevise Subject verb agreementTypes Of Bank AccountsBank Note Press Mock test 
Day 9Time & workCoding decodingParajumbleBanking GA  Reasoning Ability Quiz
Day 10PartnershipRevise direction sense & blood relationCloze testStatic GA  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 11Time speed distanceNotes on Input & Output DevicesRevise Cloze Test & ParajumbleCurrent affairsBank Note Press Mock test 
Day 12Revise previous topicsTabulationFill in the blanksTypes of cheques    Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 13MensurationRankingError SpottingRevision  Reasoning Ability Quiz
Day 14Sequence & SeriesAlphabet TestMultiple MeaningBanking GABank Note Press Mock test 
Day 15squaresSitting Arrangement

Sentence Improvement

Computer GA

  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 16Permutation & CombinationStatements & Assumptions

Synonyms and Antonyms

Current affairs

Bank Note Press Mock test 
Day 17ProbabilityRevise the covered topics

Revise the covered topics

Static GA

  Reasoning Ability Quiz
Day 18Revise Covered TopicsAlphanumeric Series

Ace Reading Comprehension

Banking GA

  English Language Quiz
Day 19Revise Sequence & SeriesRevise Alphanumeric Series

Revise Ace Reading Comprehension

Current affairs

Bank Note Press Mock test 
Day 20Revise Time & WorkOrder & Ranking

Noun Pronoun

Static GA

  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 21 Profit loss & DiscountRevise Inequality Cloze test Computer GA   Reasoning Ability Quiz
Day 22MensurationBlood relationError spotting Banking GABank Note Press Mock test 
Day 23simple interest & Compound Interest   InequalityAce Reading Comprehension Current affairs  English Language Quiz
Day 24Revise Probability Sitting Arrangement Revise Synonyms and Antonyms  Revision Bank Note Press Mock test 
Day 25 Profit loss & Discount  Statements & AssumptionsParajumble Static GA  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 26simple interest & Compound Interest   Revise direction sense & blood relation Fill in the blanks Current affairsBank Note Press Mock test 
Day 27Revise PartnershipRankingMultiple MeaningBanking GA  Reasoning Ability Quiz
Day 28Mixture & AlligationTabulation Revise the covered topics Static GA   English Language Quiz
Day 29 Revise MensurationRevise Blood relationRevise ParajumbleCurrent affairs  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 30Age Statements & AssumptionsSentence Completion Computer GABank Note Press Mock test 
Day 31 Profit loss & Discount  Sitting Arrangement Sentence Improvement Revision   Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 32Mixture & Alligation  Inequality Fill in the blanks Banking GA  English Language Quiz
Day 33Age Revise SyllogismRevise Subject verb agreement Current affairs  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz
Day 34simple interest & Compound Interest   Direction distanceAdjective & AdverbRevisionBank Note Press Mock test 

Day 35

Revise Mixture & Alligation   Blood relation Noun Pronoun Static GA  Reasoning Ability Quiz

Day 36

Partnership Order & Ranking  Ace Reading Comprehension  Computer GA Bank Note Press Mock test 

Day 37

 Profit loss & Discount    Inequality  Fill in the blanks  Current affairs  Quantitative Aptitude Quiz

Day 38

simple interest & Compound Interest    Direction distance Multiple Meaning Banking GA  English Language Quiz

Day 39

Revise Mixture & Allegation Revise SyllogismRevise Sentence Completion  RevisionBank Note Press Mock test 

Day 40

Time speed distance Sitting Arrangement Error Spotting Current affairs  Reasoning Ability Quiz

Day 41 - Day 45

Revise previously covered topics and practice MCQsRevise previously covered topics and practice puzzlesPractice para jumbles,close tests

Static GA,

Computer GA,


 Bank Note Press Mock test 


 Day 46 - Day 50
Revise previously covered topics and revise squares, tables, cubes, percentage to fraction conversionRevise previously covered topics and practice puzzlesPractice error spotting and RC

Current affairs,

Static GA

 Bank Note Press Mock test 

Day 51 - Day 55

Revise previously covered topicsRevise syllogism,inequality,blood relation,direction distance conceptsRevise antonyms and synonyms,practice MCQs

Banking GA

Current affairs,


 Bank Note Press Mock test 

Day 56 - Day 60

Revise formula, tips and tricksRevise previously covered topicsRevise grammar rulesRevisionBank Note Press Mock test 

Experts Tips to Crack Bank Note Press 2021 Exam

1) Know in-depth knowledge of the syllabus - 

2) Follow a proper timetable 

3) Focus on Important and mark fetching Topics -

  • Numerical Ability - Simplification and Approximation, Number Series, quadratic equation, data Interpretation
  • Reasoning Ability - Inequality, Syllogism, puzzles and seating arrangement, alphanumeric series, direction sense, blood relation, alphanumeric series
  • English Language - Error Spotting, Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Fill in the Blanks

4) Try to be better at Strong areas and manage your weak areas 

5) Keep an eye on the time you are spending on a topic/question 

6) Make short handwritten notes of Important points, formulas, and short tricks 

7) Follow an effective revision plan

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Sahi Prep Hai Toh Life Set Hai

Bank Note Press Study Plan FAQs

  • First, know the exam pattern and syllabus. Then make a plan according to your strengths and weakness and stick to it. Focus on basic concepts and take mock tests.

  • First, know the exam pattern and syllabus of the Bank Note Press 2021 exam. Then make a flexible study plan based upon your strengths and weaknesses.

  • No, it is not. With a proper study plan and disciplined preparation, you can easily crack the Bank Note Press 2021 exam.

  • Focus separately on both grammar and vocabulary. For grammar go through the rules from Wren & Martin book and practice questions. For vocab read a daily editorial from the Hindu newspaper and note down vocab words.

  • You can find the full study plan for Bank Note Press 2021 exam above along with quizzes and notes.

  • Yes, by keeping in mind the level of competition these days, it is very important to follow a proper study plan for the upcoming Bank Note Press 2021 exam.

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