JKSSB Junior Engineer Exam Preparation Books 2022: List of Best Books for Preparation

By BYJU'S Exam Prep  |   Updated on: December 26th, 2023
JKKSB JE books are one of the best resources to prepare for the exam. Candidates can check out important JKSSB JE booklist for civil, mechanical and electrical disciplines here.
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JKSSB JE books are essential for candidates preparing for the Junior Engineer exam. These books give candidates the information they need to prepare effectively. JKSSB JE preparation books will help candidates in understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, and questions.

In this post, we have provided a list of the best books for JKSSB JE exam preparation. It will help you improve your preparation strategy. Check out the list of JKSSB JE books for civil, electrical, and mechanical exams below to improve your knowledge of important concepts and score well.

JKSSB JE Books 2022

JKSSB JE Books are the most effective way to study for the exam. The books assist candidates in understanding the JKSSB JE syllabus and exam pattern. With JKSSB JE best books, candidates can master all concepts, practise a wide range of MCQs, and perform well in the JKSSB JE exam. Candidates can save a lot of time by using these books because they are an all-encompassing resource that contains almost all important details about the exam. We have listed the Best Books for JKSSB JE for civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering below to help you prepare.

JKSSB JE Civil Books

Using the JKSSB JE civil book will greatly assist candidates in scoring well in the exam. We have listed all of the JKSSB JE important books for civil engineering that has been proven to help candidates pass exams in the past. You can also read the descriptions of these JKSSB Civil JE books and select the one that seems to fit your needs the best.

JKSSB JE Civil Book Author/Publication Description 

Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective Type

Khurmi R.S

>Thoroughly updated and comprehensive study material with a dedicated focus on the latest syllabus

Textbook of Surveying

C Venkatramaiah

>This book is according to the latest syllabus and has all the information needed to pass the JKSSB KE civil exam.

Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering

K. R. Arora

>This book has concise questions and answers.

>Perfect study material.

JKSSB JE Mechanical Books

Candidates should use JKSSB JE preparation books to ensure a well-rounded preparation. JKSSB JE mechanical book will be ideal for ensuring that all of your concepts are clear and that you are practising a wide range of questions. Check out the list of recommended books for the JKSSB JE exam below.

JKSSB JE Mechanical Book



Mechanical Engineering

Khurmi R.S

>The book includes all the topics as specified in the JKSSB Mechanical syllabus. Also, you can find previous year question papers and frequently asked questions in the exam.

Objective Mechanical Engineering


>Covers the latest syllabus that is common for most government exams.

>Along with notes and solved questions, the book also has practice questions for the aspirants.

Mechanical Engineering Objective type

D.Handa, H.B Keswani.

>It will help candidates to brush up on all their mechanical engineering basics and prepare for the exam.

Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics

Anil Kumar Dhiman

>Covers the entire syllabus related to engineering mechanics to appear in the competitive examinations.

Materials Science And Engineering

I P Singh

>This book is recommended to everyone preparing for the JKSSB JE Mechanical Exam.

JKSSB JE Electrical Books

JKSSB JE books for electrical engineering will help candidates clear all their doubts. These books are helpful in exam preparation. Check out the list below.

JKSSB JE Electrical Book

Author/ Publication


Electric Circuits And Fields

Harold Pender

>This is one of the best books for electric circuits and fields.

>Students can grasp the core concepts of electric science through this book.

>This book is self-explanatory as the answers are explained simply.

Electrical and Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation

Prithwiraj Purkait

>The Electrical and Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation books cover all the sub-topics.

Objective Electronics Engineering

Arihant Experts

>This book contains a huge accumulation of subjective material as per the syllabus.

Control Systems: Principles and Design

M Gopal

>This book is very useful for candidates who just have started their preparation for JKSSB JE. It covers the syllabus related to Control Systems.

Electric Machines

D.P. Kothari

>The electric machine’s book is designed in such a way that every candidate can grasp all the important concepts.

How to Prepare Using JKSSB JE Books?

There is very tough competition in JKSSB JE exam. Candidates must prepare well and effectively to get selected. After checking the detailed syllabus for the exam, candidates must follow the preparation strategy and study JKSSB JE Books properly. The strategy is recommended by our learned faculties.

  • Make a long-term plan. The topics should then be divided weekly. 
  • Make a daily routine and stick to it. Candidates must go through the syllabus and memorise every topic. 
  • Use JKSSB JE books to better understand the exam pattern.
  • Examine the topic-wise mark distribution; this will allow you to divide your time into topics. 
  • After finishing each topic, take our online mock test to assess your preparation. 
  • Make time for revision every day so that you don’t forget old material. 
  • Candidates must avoid stress and take good care of their health during the preparation process.

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