UPSC Result 2023 State Wise List – UPSC Success Rate State Wise

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

UPSC Result 2023 State Wise List represents which state gives the most IAS officers and their count. Delhi is the popular state where most IAS aspirants attempt coaching. The city is known to provide the best quality study materials, coaching institutes, and effortless availability of notes to all the candidates who wish to join the Civil services.

Delhi, being the most preferred location, is giving the highest number of civil services success. The article will explain UPSC Result 2023 State Wise List till 2002. Another interesting thing is that Uttar Pradesh designates more aspirants as IAS Officers, with Rajasthan surprisingly backing the second position in the whole country.

UPSC Result 2023 State Wise List

The Union Public Service Commission has released the final UPSC Result State Wise List officially for the 2022 recruitment cycle. The result reflects the state giving the highest number of civil service successes.

UPSC Result 2023 State Wise List PDF

Below is the UPSC State wise selection of toppers from 2023 to 2015. From the table, it can be analyzed that the last two-year topper belonged to Uttar Pradesh.

Year UPSC Result 2023 State Wise List IAS Topper
2022-23 Uttar Pradesh Ishita Kishore
2021 Uttar Pradesh Shruti Sharma
2020 Bihar Shubham Kumar
2019 Haryana Pradeep Singh
2018 Rajasthan Kanishka Kataria
2017 Telangana Anudeep Durishetty
2016 Karnataka Nanini
2015 Delhi Tina Dabi

BYJU'S UPSC Toppers 2023

State-Wise IAS Officers

Delhi is regarded as the epicenter of UPSC exam-related activities. Delhi is favored by most of the applicants for the Civil Services exam, as it offers ideal study materials for preparation and has highly experienced experts from the state who guide about the IAS interview. Given are some interesting facts about the UPSC topper list in Delhi.

Year Number of Successful UPSC Toppers in Delhi
2007 4
2013 14
2014 19
2015 23
2016 12
2017 17
2019 Toppers belonging to Delhi:

2nd IAS Topper – Jatin Kishore.

4th rank holder Himanshu Jain.

State Wise UPSC Selection 2021 – 2014

Delhi also shows a high number of IAS officers relative to its population. This is because many aspirants come to Delhi for IAS coaching. The list below mentions the names of the UPSC Toppers list and their home states from 2014 to 2021.

Exam Year State UPSC Topper List
UPSC 2021 Uttar Pradesh Shruti Sharma
UPSC 2020 Bombay Shubham Kumar (UPSC Topper 2020)
UPSC 2019 Haryana AIR 1 Pradeep Singh (2019 UPSC Topper)
UPSC 2018 Rajasthan AIR 1 Kanishka Kataria
UPSC 2017 Telangana Anudeep Durushetty (2017 UPSC Topper)
UPSC 2016 Karnataka Nandini KR
UPSC 2015 Delhi Tina Dabi
UPSC 2014 Delhi Ira Singhal

State Wise Selection in UPSC 2019

The entire highlights of the state-wise selection in UPSC 2019 along with the details about the IAS toppers and their ranks are illustrated in the table. The final results of UPSC 2019 got declared on 4th August 2020.

UPSC Topper List State Wise
Most UPSC Crackers from Which State IAS Toppers
Assam 5 out of 829 Assam candidates.

The highest rank achieved by the Assam candidate was 59.

Delhi 2nd rank

4th rank

Haryana First rank in UPSC (2019) – Pradeep Singh
Jammu & Kashmir 16 candidates out of 829.

The highest rank attained by the state is 38 by Abhishek Augustsya.

Kerala There are 10 candidates in the top 100.

Jeydev CS – All-India 7 rank.

Tamil Nadu 60 candidates cleared UPSC 2019.

Ganesh Kumar from Tamil Nadu got the 7th rank.

Uttar Pradesh Pratibha Verma, 3rd rank holder.
Kerela 10 candidates in the top 100.

Jeydev CS – All-India Rank 7.

UPSC Success Rate State Wise

Over the years of the UPSC examination, there are various facts one must know corresponding to the performance of different states of India. The data shows that Rajasthan has designated the highest IAS officers in the UPSC 2015 exam.

UPSC Exam Year State State Wise IAS Officers
UPSC 2017 Bihar 12
UPSC 2017 Tamil Nadu 8
UPSC 2017 Karnataka 6
UPSC 2015 Jammu & Kashmir 3
UPSC 2015 Himachal Pradesh 1
UPSC 2015 Uttarakhand 4
UPSC 2015 Punjab 7
UPSC 2015 Haryana 15
UPSC 2015 Rajasthan 19

State Wise Selection in UPSC (2011-2015)

The UPSC exam recruits Group A and Group B positions in the Government of India by organizing the annual exam. The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the most honoured service out of 22 services.

State No of selected IAS Officers (2011-2015)
Andhra Pradesh 61
Bihar 68
Delhi 49
Haryana 51
Karnataka 37
Kerala 54
Madhya Pradesh 17
Maharashtra 58
Rajasthan 97
Tamil Nadu 90
Uttar Pradesh 118
West Bengal 7

State Wise Selection in UPSC (2002-2012)

Delhi selected the highest number of candidates as IAS officers in the country, i.e. 1498, while Goa selected the least number of candidates as IAS officers, which is only 1. Below is the table depicting state-wise selection in UPSC from 2002 to 2012.

State/UT/Institute No. of Candidates Interviewed No. of Candidates Selected
Andhra Pradesh 3413 374
Assam 200 30
Bihar 3204 166
Chandigarh 751 37
Chhattisgarh 170 37
Delhi 11738 1498
Goa 2 1
Gujarat 665 122
Haryana 1541 148
Himachal Pradesh 371 32
IIT 3398 519
Jammu & Kashmir 312 57
Jharkhand 1181 81
JNU 3317 496
Karnataka 2411 513
Kerala 1203 196
Madhya Pradesh 2165 179
Maharashtra 5506 724
Manipur 49 8
Meghalaya 169 8
Nagaland 9 2
Odisha 450 41
Pondicherry 138 29
Punjab 2443 365
Rajasthan 6211 574
Sikkim 43 7
Tamil Nadu 5148 721
University of Delhi 6436 743
Uttar Pradesh 21984 998
Uttarakhand 1460 158
West Bengal 1035 137

Important Facts on UPSC Result 2023 State Wise List

The maximum number of selected IAS candidates are from Delhi. Institutions in Delhi, like DU (University of Delhi), India Insitute of Technology (IIT), and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), select the best candidates for UPSC.

  • The maximum number of candidates sent to the interview stage were from the state of Uttar Pradesh because of its high population and increased number of interested candidates in becoming IAS officers.
  • UP holds the second position after Delhi in selecting the most IAS from the state.
  • Delhi occupies the first place despite having less population than other states.
  • Most aspirants move to Delhi and prepare for the civil services exam.
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