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By Balaji

Updated on: March 21st, 2023

Most IAS from which State: Union Public Service Commission is responsible for recruiting the most qualified students to serve in civil services for the country. UPSC, therefore, organizes an exam every year to select the most deserving candidates to hold the position of an IAS officer. The exam has been devised in such a way that it eliminates aspirants in every round out of 3.

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are at the top of the list and are the states that give the maximum number of IAS officers in India. One of the reasons is their population, and the second is the socio-economic aspects that play a major role. The details about most IAS from which State can benefit the candidates in understanding which State of India produces the highest number of IAS officers.

Table of content

  • 1. Most IAS from Which State 2023 – Recent News (more)
  • 2. Highest IAS Officer State in India (more)
  • 3. IAS Officer List State Wise (more)
  • 4. Top 5 Home States of IAS Officers in India (more)
  • 5. Last 10-Year IAS Toppers and their Home States (more)
  • 6. UP IAS Officers List (more)
  • 7. Current IAS Officer List Maharashtra (more)

Most IAS from Which State 2023 – Recent News

Delhi is well-known to be the most recommended state for candidates preparing for the UPSC exam. It is regarded as the hub of India for civil services preparation as it offers the finest study materials and has countless coaching institutes running all over. However, the state with the highest number of civil servants is the small town in the east of Uttar Pradesh, Jaunpur.

Most IAS from which State PDF

A village named Madho Patti has given rise to 47 new IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS officers, with an overall population of just 75 families. The town does not own any high-class coaching institute or additional facilities.

Highest IAS Officer State in India

The IAS exam is managed and executed in three stages – Prelims, Mains, and interviews. Prelims is the first qualifying criteria after which the candidates are eligible to appear for the UPSC Mains exam.

  • The final round is the face-to-face round with an interviewer.
  • The IAS toppers list is created by calculating the overall marks obtained by applicants in the Mains and the interview.
  • The State giving the highest number of IAS officers in India is Uttar Pradesh, selecting 717 officers, and Bihar is the second highest, giving 452 IAS officers.

IAS Officer List State Wise

Listed are the Indian states and the number of IAS officers they selected based on who cleared all three rounds of the exam, according to the data of 2015. It is clear that Uttar Pradesh produced the highest number of IAS officers, whereas Telangana produced the least.

Number of IAS Officers in India State Wise
Rank of State Indian State No. of State Wise IAS Officers
1 Uttar Pradesh 717
2 Bihar 452
3 Rajasthan 322
4 Tamil Nadu 318
5 Andhra Pradesh 314
6 Maharashtra 253
7 Punjab 232
8 Delhi 211
9 Haryana 190
10 Madhya Pradesh 183
11 Karnataka 159
12 Kerala 157
13 West Bengal 134
14 Odisha 119
15 Jammu & Kashmir 67
16 Gujarat 65
17 Himachal Pradesh 64
18 Jharkhand 60
19 Chhattisgarh 44
20 Assam 43
21 Manipur 43
22 Uttarakhand 41
23 Chandigarh 35
24 Meghalaya 27
25 Arunachal Pradesh 26
26 Mizoram 26
27 Nagaland 23
28 Tripura 19
29 Sikkim 10
30 Pondicherry 5
31 Goa 2
32 Andaman & Nicobar 1
33 Telangana 1

Top 5 Home States of IAS Officers in India

The top 5 home states of IAS officers are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Some of the UPSC toppers belonging to the respective state who attained the top ranks are mentioned below. Below you will understand India selected most IAS from which State and who were the toppers in the respective states.

Uttar Pradesh:

  • Most IAS officers belong to this state, as it is the most populous state in the country.
  • According to 2015 data, 717 IAS officers of India emerged from this state, making it the highest number of IAS officers producing region.
  • Pratibha Verma, the 3rd rank holder in UPSC 2019, was from UP.
  • Other UPSC toppers from this state were Shivakshi Dixit (Rank 64) and Vidhu Shekhar (Rank 54).


  • The state ranks second in the list, and around 452 IAS officers were from Bihar, as per 2015 data.
  • Shubham Kumar residing in the Katihar district of Bihar attained AIR-1 in UPSC 2020.


  • This state comes in the third position and has provided 322 IAS officers.
  • Kanishka Kataria from Rajasthan scored AIR 1 in UPSC 2018.

Tamil Nadu:

  • The state is known to provide 318 IAS officers to India and holds the 4th position in the list of most IAS from which state.
  • Ganesh Kumar (AIR 7) was from Tamil Nadu.
  • Other successful visually-challenged toppers were Puranasunthari M and Balanagendran D.

Andhra Pradesh:

  • The fifth state that gave the highest number of IAS aspirants out of the total IAS in India was Andhra Pradesh, with a count of 314 officers.
  • TK Rangashree obtained AIR 50 and was a resident of Tirupati.
  • G Suryasai Praveenchand got all-India 64th rank and was a native of Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh.

Last 10-Year IAS Toppers and their Home States

Considering a few years of data, the answer to most IAS from which State is clear. Uttar Pradesh picked the highest number of IAS officers from 2022-2021, while Telangana produced the least.

The list below displays the names of the IAS Toppers list, along with their home states, from 2014 to 2021.

Year IAS Toppers Home State
2021 Shruti Sharma Uttar Pradesh
2020 Shubham Kumar Bihar
2019 Pradeep Singh Haryana
2018 Kanishka Kataria Rajasthan
2017 Anudeep Durushetty Telangana
2016 Nandini KR Karnataka
2015 Tina Dabi Delhi
2014 Ira Singhal Delhi
2013 Gaurav Agarwal Rajasthan
2012 Haritha V Kumar Kerala
2011 Shena Aggarwal Haryana

UP IAS Officers List

Uttar Pradesh is considered the top IAS state in India as more candidates appear for the UPSC exam from this state. Given are the IAS officer’s name list belonging to Uttar Pradesh and the distinct branches they work upon.

IAS Officer name Department/Ministry
Anuj Singh D/o Pharmaceutical
Aryaka Akhoury M/o Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation
Avinash Kumar D/o Health and Family Welfare
Chandni Singh M/o Shipping
Deepa Agrawal D/o Rural Development
Divya Mittal M/o NITI Aayog
Harshita Mathur D/o School Education and Literacy
Priyanka Niranjan M/o Urban Development
Raj Kamal Yadav D/o Border Management
Ramesh Ranjan M/o Women and Child Development
Ravindra Kumar Mander M/o Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
Sanjeev Ranjan D/o Higher Education
Satyendra Kumar D/o Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries
Sunil Kumar Verma M/o Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation
Umamaheswari R D/o Defence Production

Current IAS Officer List Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the 6th state that gives the highest IAS offers in India. Below is the list of IAS officers in Maharashtra, along with the respective departments they handle.

IAS Officer name Department/Ministry
Deepak Kumar Meena D/o Revenue
Gangatharan Devarajan D/o Health and Family Welfare
Kaustubh Chandraprakash Diwegaonkar M/o Environment, Forests and Climate Change
Manjulekshmi K M/o Coal
Rajendra Bandu Bharud D/o Fertilizers
Ramamoorthy D/o Land Resources
Raut Rajendra Abhijit D/o School Education and Literacy
Shanmugarajan S M/o Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
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