What can be the Maximum Gap Between the Two Sessions of Parliament?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The maximum gap between the two sessions of Parliament is six months. Therefore Parliament should be convened at least twice a year. A parliamentary session is a period from the beginning of the session until its prorogation, dissolution, or the end of the regular term. A session is the time frame in which the House of Parliament meets for business. One session is the duration of a normal house-sitting period.

Maximum Gap Between Two Sessions of Parliament

The Indian Parliament holds three meetings annually: Budget Session from February to May, the Monsoon session from July to September, and the Winter session from November to December.

Parliament must meet at least twice a year, and the interval between sessions cannot exceed six months. Procedure for summoning all members of Parliament to a meeting. The President shall call from time to time the sittings of each House of Parliament.

  • Article 85 of the Constitution contains specifics regarding the summoning of Parliament.
  • The government has the right to call the session of Parliament.
  • The Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs makes decisions, which are formalized by the President, on whose behalf the MPs are called to a session.
  • India’s parliamentary calendar is not set in stone. By custom (rather than required by the constitution), Parliament meets three times a year.
  • The first session of the Budget, which lasts the longest, begins near the end of January and ends by the end of April or the first week of May.
  • Parliamentary committees can discuss the budgetary recommendations during the pause in the current session.
  • The three-week monsoon season, which usually begins in July and lasts till August, is the second season.
  • The third session, known as the winter session, lasts from November to December.

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