Explain Land Use Pattern in India and Why Has the Land Under Forest Not Increased Much Since 1960-61?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The land use pattern in India is determined by physical factors and human factors. The physical factors that determine land use patterns are topography, soil, climate, minerals, and availability of water. On the other hand, population and technology are the human factors involved in determining the land use pattern. As you know, the land is an essential resource that supports natural vegetation, wildlife, transport and economic activities. Hence, it must be planned and used carefully, keeping the physical and human factors in mind.

Land Use Pattern and Land Under Forest Since 1960-61

The land under forest has not increased much since 1960-61, and the total forest cover of the earth has decreased by about one million km2. In contrast, there has been an increase in the land area covered by cropland and pastures. According to the State of the World’s Forest 2022 (SOFO 2022) report, 420 million hectares of forest have been destroyed between 1990 and 2020.

The land is occupied by rivers, some may have trees, and some parts have roads and buildings adapted to different types of land and different uses. Thus, man uses the land as a resource for production, residence, and recreation. Building schools, the roads you travel on, the park you play in, the fields where crops are grown, and animal grazing pastures are various uses of the land.

The most important factors that have affected the land use pattern and land under forest in India are the expansion of agricultural fields, and the construction of roads, dams, and buildings adjacent to the forests.

Measures of Land Conservation

The repeated usage of land without adequate measures for conservation has also led to its degradation. Here are a few measures that can help reduce land degradation:

  • Afforestation
  • Proper land grazing methods
  • Planting shelter belts of plants
  • Proper disposal of household waste
  • Proper management of wastelands
  • Minimizing the use of mining activities
  • Proper discharge methods of industrial effluents

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