The Minimum Age for Election as a Member of a Panchayat is

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Minimum Age for an Election as a Member of a Panchayat is 21 years. Panchayat Samiti is the local government body that works at the tahsil level in the rural parts of the nation. It is a link between the village council (Gram Panchayat) and the district board (Zila Parishad). It is recognized by the constitution and works according to the rules set by it. Apart from the minimum age for members of Panchayat, there is also a reservation for SC/ST candidates at all three levels.

Minimum Age for an Election for Panchayat Member

Panchayati Raj was included in the Constitution of India through the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act 1992. There are three tiers of the Panchayati Raj system that are village level, intermediate block/taluk/Mandal level, and district level.

  • The name differs across states such as Mandal Parishad is called in Andhra Pradesh, Mandal panchayat in Karnataka, and Taluka panchayat in Gujarat.
  • The tenure of Panchayat Samiti is five years.
  • All the members serve as all the pradhans of the Gram Panchayat within the block area.
  • According to the 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992, Panchayats comprise a three-tier system, which is village level, intermediate block/taluk/Mandal level, and district level.
  • The major function of Panchayat Samiti is to provide sanitation, constructed roads, primary health care, primary education, street lighting, rural electrification, etc.


Which is the Minimum Eligible age to contest in the Panchayat Elections?

21 years is the minimum age to contest for election as a member of a Panchayat. The Pradhan and members of the Gram Panchayat are elected by direct election through a secret ballot by the members of the Gram Sabha. Also, there is a reservation of seats for the SC and ST candidates in the Panchayat system at all levels. Panchayats comprise a three-tier system in India.

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