Who Published the First Newspaper in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

James Augustus Hicky published the First Indian Newspaper in India named The Bengal Gazette in 1780. People used to refer to it as Hicky’s Gazette even though it was also known as Calcutta General Advertiser. It was a two-sheet newspaper that was printed weekly. And there were several adverts for the Calcutta General Advertiser throughout the newspaper. In actuality, its whole front page was made up of adverts.

First Indian Newspaper 1780

The Original Calcutta General Advertiser, also known as Hicky’s Bengal Gazette, was the first English-language newspaper issued in Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The weekly newspaper was printed in Kolkata. It was sold for one rupee per copy. The journal becomes well-known among British soldiers.

The Indian Gazette was published in November 1780, a few months after Hicky’s periodical started. Various other journals were published, such as “Madras Courier” in 1785, “Madras Gazette” in 1796, and also “India Herald.” Bombay’s first newspapers were the Bombay Herald, Bombay Courier, and Bombay Gazette, which debuted in 1789.

History of Newspapers in India

  • The Bengal Gazette was the title of the first newspaper in India, published on January 29, 1780, by James Augustus Hicky during the British Raj.
  • People just refer to it as “Hicky’s Gazette” even though it was also known as “Calcutta General Advertiser.”
  • Hicky was the first to do this, but a Dutch explorer named William Bolts had originally purchased the concept for the newspaper in India.
  • Since the journal is also known as the Calcutta General Advertiser, it contains several advertisements and actual information regarding East India Company corruption.
  • Numerous additional journals were also launched, including the Bengal Journal (1784) and the Calcutta Gazette (1784).

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