Power is shared among different organs of the Government, this System of Power Sharing can also be termed as _____ (a) Vertical division of power (b) Community Government (c) Unitary form of Government (d) Horizontal distribution of power

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Power is shared among different organs of the Government, this system of power-sharing can also be termed a Horizontal distribution of power. It is because it enables different organs of the government placed at the same level to exercise different powers.

System of Power Sharing

Powers are divided between national, State, and local governments. For example, power is divided in India between the center and the states.

  • The three lists, the Union List, the State List, and the Concurrent List elaborates on the power allocation.
  • Further, the powers which are not incorporated in the three lists rest with the central government.

There are four types of power sharing in modern democracies like

  1. Power is shared among the different organs of the government, called horizontal distribution of power.
  2. Power is shared among governments at different levels. Such a government is called the federal government.
  3. Power can be shared among social groups like linguistic and religious groups.
  4. Power-sharing arrangements can be seen in how political parties, pressure groups, etc., control or influence those in power.

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