What is the Net Sown Area and Gross Cropped Area?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Net Sown Area and Gross Cropped Area are two important aspects of agriculture. The area of land on which crops are sown and harvested is called Net Sown Area. On the other hand, Gross Cropped Area refers to the total area sown once as well as more than once in a particular year.

In Net Sown Area crops sown more than once in the same year are counted only once. Gross cropped area is the piece of land on which a crop is grown twice, the area is counted twice.

Net Sown Area and Gross Cropped Area

The Net Sown Area includes the land under fruit trees and orchards. It is the land on which crops are sown and cultivated. The total stock of agricultural land resources (i.e. total cultivable land) can be estimated by adding net sown area, all fallow land, and cultivable barren land. In India, the scope of bringing additional land under net sown area is limited.

The important crops in India occupy about two-thirds of the total cropped area. For example, 54% area is occupied by Cereals, one-fourth land is used for rice cultivation, 14% of the cropped area is used for land cultivation, 16.5% area is utilized for producing jowar, etc.

The new programs launched by the government of India for increasing the production of crops and the income of the farmers are:

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