NCERT Notes for UPSC: PDF Download, Subject-Wise UPSC NCERT Notes

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The comprehensive NCERT notes for UPSC will assist the candidates in laying out a proficient plan of action for the exam. The UPSC Civil Services exam is one of the most sought-after exams, which witnesses many applicants each year. To gain an edge over other candidates, you need to prepare efficiently for the exam. Download the UPSC NCERT notes for all the subjects including History, Geography, Art and Culture, etc. to enhance and intensify your preparation.

The NCERT notes for UPSC are highly beneficial for the candidates preparing for the Civil Services exam. The notes will assist the candidates in grasping the core concepts and delving into the established fundamentals. The NCERT notes for UPSC play an instrumental role in building concrete foundations for the subjects.

NCERT Notes for UPSC

Cracking the UPSC Civil Services exam is not a cakewalk. The candidates must put in immense dedication and effort to achieve their dreams. One must prepare the UPSC syllabus well in advance with the help of NCERT notes for UPSC to leap ahead toward the stone of success.

NCERT books for UPSC are the most reliable and recommended sources for preparing for the exam. You must revise the fundamentals and prepare UPSC NCERT notes to get in touch with all the pivotal sections of the syllabus. Get the notes curated by the experts for all the subjects, download the PDF, and keep it saved on your devices.

You can download the NCERT notes for UPSC to enhance and upgrade your level of preparation. The comprehensive and easily understandable subject-wise notes will provide you with a competitive edge over other candidates.

NCERT Notes for UPSC PDF Download

Going through subject-wise NCERT notes for UPSC will help candidates to score well in each subject by learning the basic concepts of History, Geography, Polity, Economics, etc in simple language through NCERT textbooks.

UPSC NCERT Notes PDF for History

The UPSC history syllabus carries enormous weightage in both the prelims and the mains exam of the Civil Services. The Modern History syllabus includes events ranging from the middle eighteenth century. Ancient history covers pre-historic events in India.

The NCERT Notes for UPSC History must be prepared in a comprehensive way to get in-depth knowledge of all the events, sequences, and pivotal topics. The notes will assist the candidates in framing a clear picture of all the events and memorizing and revising them before the exam.

Topics NCERT Notes For UPSC PDF Download
Ancient History Ancient History Notes For UPSC
Medieval History Medieval History of India UPSC Notes
Modern History Modern History Notes For UPSC

Geography NCERT Notes for UPSC

The candidates can get in touch with the pivotal concepts of Geography by making flowcharts and illustrations. Several questions from Geography NCERT notes for UPSC are asked in the Prelims exam. One can refer to the UPSC previous year question papers and highlight the crucial sections to fetch more marks.

Some major topics covered in the Geography Notes For UPSC includes the following:

Polity NCERT Notes for UPSC PDF

Indian Polity is an indispensable subject for UPSC aspirants to get well-versed with the foundations to score well in the prelims and mains exams. This section can include easy or challenging questions from the NCERT notes for UPSC, depending on your level of preparation. You must prepare a plan of action for solving the questions from this section and fetch more marks.

Regulating Act 1773 Types of Majorities in Parliament
Pitt’s India Act 1784 Preamble of the Constitution
Charter Act 1813 Amendments of the Constitution
Charter Act 1833 President of India
Charter Act 1853 Constitutional Amendment Bill
Government of India Act 1919 Right to Freedom
Simon Commission Right to Equality
Government of India Act 1935 Comptroller and Auditor General of India
Indian Independence Act, 1947 Finance Commission
42nd Amendment Act 44th Amendment Act

UPSC NCERT Notes for Environment

The questions from the Environment section prevail dominance in the UPSC Prelims and mains. It is quintessential for the candidates to get conversant with all the topics of the environment and ecology by studying through the UPSC NCERT notes to get driven towards success in the exam.

Coral Reefs Environmental Pollution
National Parks Environmental Conventions and Protocols
Biodiversity Hotspots in India Ocean Acidification
Ramsar Sites in India List of Environmental Organization in India
Biosphere Reserves in India Sulphur Cycle
Tiger Reserves in India Climate Change

Salient Features of NCERT Notes For UPSC

The comprehensive UPSC NCERT notes structured by the experts lay enormous benefits to the aspirants. The salient features of the NCERT notes for UPSC have been listed here.

  • Through a proper understanding of the NCERT notes for UPSC, you will be able to grasp the fundamentals.
  • It will also aid you in analyzing your weaknesses and strengths and formulating the strategy accordingly.
  • NCERT notes for UPSC have been developed in an effective manner by the experts covering all the pivotal segments of the syllabus.
  • It is structured in an easy-to-understand language. The aspirants can get an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus.

Advantages of UPSC NCERT Notes

The NCERT notes for UPSC present innumerable advantages to the aspirants preparing for the exam. It is highly recommended that the aspirants refer to the NCERT books and prepare notes to catch up on the core concepts and fundamentals. Get in touch with the advantages of referring to the books and preparing NCERT notes for UPSC:

  • NCERT notes are authentic and the most entrusted sources of information.
  • The concepts and fundamentals are explained in a simpler way aiding the candidates in revising the basics.
  • It covers the basic foundations and fundamentals of the syllabus.
  • Preparing effective notes will assist the aspirants in revising the concepts with ease before the exam.
  • Lengthy subjects such as History can be easily learned by formulating NCERT notes for UPSC in a methodical way.

How to Make Handwritten NCERT Notes for UPSC?

You must follow these steps to prepare NCERT notes for UPSC in a certain way. The notes are an inherent segment of the preparation for success. Get in touch with the steps to bring forth comprehensive UPSC NCERT notes.

  • Read the recommended books: Study the basic and fundamental books thoroughly. Underline the important concepts and the fundamentals.
  • Make illustrations: Keep on marking the essential concepts with diagrams, bullet points, and short sentences.
  • Mnemonics and Acronyms: You can get the mnemonics and acronyms for complex topics that will help you remember the sequences and concepts easily.
  • Make Notes in Simple Language: You must prepare NCERT notes for UPSC in an easily understandable language to memorize and retain the concept.
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