Class 11 Geography NCERT – Download Free PDF of Geography NCERT Class 11

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Class 11 Geography NCERT Books are among the most important books to prepare for geography in the UPSC Exam. Under the Geography NCERT Class 11, there are three books that one needs to go through, namely- Fundamentals of Physical Geography, India: Physical Environment and Practical Work in Geography. For the IAS Exam, only the first two books are relevant from the UPSC Syllabus point of view.

Let’s discuss the NCERT Geography Class 11 Books in detail and their chapters. Aspirants preparing for the exam can also download the Class 11 Geography NCERT PDF from here.

Geography NCERT Class 11: Fundamentals of Physical Geography

The first book for the NCERT Geography Class 11 is Fundamentals of Physical Geography. It is one of the fundamental geography textbooks to understand the world’s physical geography. One of the three main subfields of geography is physical geography. It is the study of the earth and the processes that make it up, including the hydrology, atmosphere, climate, and ecosystems.

How to Read NCERT for UPSC

The chapters under the NCERT Geography Class 11 – Fundamentals of Physical Geography are:

  • Chapter 1. Geography As A Discipline
  • Chapter 2. The Origin And Evolution Of The Earth
  • Chapter 3. Interior Of The Earth
  • Chapter 4. Distributions Of Oceans And Continents
  • Chapter 5. Minerals And Rocks
  • Chapter 6. Geomorphic Processes
  • Chapter 7. Landforms And Their Evolution
  • Chapter 8. Composition And Structure Of Atmosphere
  • Chapter 9. Solar Radiation, Heat Balance And Temperature
  • Chapter 10. Atmospheric Circulation And Weather Systems
  • Chapter 11. Water In The Atmosphere
  • Chapter 12. World Climate And Climate Change
  • Chapter 13. Water (Oceans)
  • Chapter 14. Movements Of Ocean Water
  • Chapter 15. Life On Earth
  • Chapter 16. Biodiversity And Conservation

☛ Download Class 11 Geography NCERT – Fundamentals of Physical Geography PDF

Class 11 Geography NCERT- India: Physical Environment

The second book of NCERT Geography Class 11 is India: Physical Environment. The book contains seven chapters in all and discusses in detail the essential details about India’s Physical Environment., such as the Structure and Physiography, Climate, Natural Vegetation, etc.

The chapters included in the NCERT Geography Class 11 is India: Physical Environment are-

  • Chapter 1. India – Location
  • Chapter 2. Structure and Physiography
  • Chapter 3. Drainage System
  • Chapter 4. Climate
  • Chapter 5. Natural Vegetation
  • Chapter 6. Soils
  • Chapter 7. Natural Hazards and Disasters

☛ Download Class 11 Geography NCERT – India: Physical Environment PDF

Why Study Geography from NCERTs for UPSC Exam?

Geography is one of the essential subjects that one needs to cover for the UPSC Exam. According to the UPSC Syllabus, the geography syllabus is vast, and one needs first to understand the basics and then dive in to understand the tougher concepts. The Class 11 Geography NCERT forms a solid foundation for understanding geography for the IAS Exam.

From the past UPSC Prelims Question Papers, it is evident that direct questions have been asked from the NCERT Geography Class 11 Books. Thus, it makes sense to study the Geography NCERT well in detail.

NCERTs should be studied for the UPSC for the following reasons:

  • The NCERT uses clear, straightforward language.
  • The government publishes the NCERT Books, and renowned academics conduct extensive research on the learning materials.
  • The standard textbooks used for the majority of competitive exams are the NCERTs.
  • All students and aspirants turn to NCERT Books because of their accessibility and availability in both Hindi and English.
  • Because the NCERTs are verified and rechecked numerous times before publication, the facts are generally accurate.
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