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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Science and Technology for UPSC cover a wide range of topics related to the science & tech space, and many questions are asked from this subject in both UPSC Prelims and Mains. To prepare for Science and Technology at UPSC candidates would need the best books and notes. In addition, one must go read the newspaper daily to keep a track of science & tech-related topics as some questions in UPSC Science and Technology section are asked about current affairs.

Subjects with a Scientific base can be high scoring if prepared well. That’s why we have attached Science and Technology for Notes UPSC PDF  in this article, which would be immensely beneficial for covering both the static and dynamic parts of the Science and Tech syllabus.

Science and Technology for UPSC

Questions from Science and Technology for UPSC are usually asked from the following subjects – Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Current Events. Additionally, Science subjects are also included in the list of 48 optional subjects for UPSC such as Botany, Chemistry, Biology, etc. Candidates must know that the science subjects are high scoring, but they are often challenging. In that case, preparing the Science and Technology notes for UPSC would help the candidates to overcome the challenges and fetch good marks in this particular section of the syllabus.

Science and Technology Notes for UPSC

Below, we have provided direct links to access the Science and Technology UPSC notes for each topic.

Science and Technology UPSC Notes
Missiles of India National Health Mission (NHM)
Tsunami CAR T-cell Therapy
National Family Health Survey National Health Policy 2017
National Food Security Act Food Security in India
Electric Vehicles Largest Solar Power Plant in India
Hydroelectric Power Plants in India Thermal Power Plant in India
ISRO Interior of the Earth
Malnutrition Origin and Evolution of the Earth
Rio Earth Summit 1992 Earthquake
Pegasus Spyware National Intelligence Grid [NATGRID]
Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency in India
5G Technology Biotechnology
Nanotechnology Cyber Security in India

How to Prepare Science and Technology for UPSC?

Candidates can rely on various sources for Science and Technology for UPSC. However, it would be great to have hand-written UPSC notes for Science and Technology. Making your own notes will not only help you to prepare in a better way but also make you ready for the revision period. Below we have mentioned the strategy to make Science and Technology notes for UPSC:

  • Start with the NCERT books because they are written in easy-to-understand language. These books would help you to strengthen your basic knowledge, and you can jot down the important points.
  • After preparing from NCERT books, you can shift to advanced-level books to prepare detailed notes.
  • As per UPSC Exam Pattern, the Mains paper would be subjective in nature. So for the Mains exam, make your notes in such a way that they can be turned into long paragraphs.
  • You should also make Science and Technology UPSC notes from the daily newspapers to tackle the Current Affairs questions asked in this section.

Science and Technology UPSC Notes for Prelims

To strengthen the preparation for UPSC Prelims, candidates need to build a solid foundation with the help of Science and Technology Notes for UPSC. The UPSC Prelims Syllabus includes Science and Technology for UPSC which include topics like Space, IT & Communication, Minerals, Nano Technology & Robotics, Defence, Nuclear Technology, Biotechnology, etc. Apart from a strong basic knowledge, UPSC Prelims also demand a strong grasp of Current Affairs. That’s why candidates need to stay updated with the new innovations and trending topics related to Science and Technology UPSC.

Science and Technology for UPSC Mains

Science and Technology is part of the UPSC GS 3 Paper Syllabus. The Science and Technology in UPSC Mains Syllabus include space, IT, Telecom & Electronics, Defence, Nano-Science and Nano-Tech, Robotics, Nuclear Energy, Biotechnology, and Renewable Energy. Science and Technology Notes for UPSC, and NCERT books, with knowledge of current affairs, would be enough for the preparation of Prelims. However, in the case of subjective exams like Mains, candidates would require to have in-depth knowledge of this particular section. So apart from relying on Science and Technology UPSC notes PDF, they need to have access to some advanced Science and Technology Books for UPSC.

Science and Technology Mains Questions:

  • Question 1: Private players can bring in the innovation needed for developing space-based applications and services”. In light of this statement, highlight the role of the private sector in India’s space science and technology.
  • Question 2: What do you understand by nanotechnology and how is it helping in the health sector?
  • Question 3: What are the research and developmental achievements in applied biotechnology? How will these achievements help to uplift the poorer sections of society?
  • Question 4: How is science interwoven deeply with our lives? What are the striking changes in agriculture triggered off by science-based technologies?

Science and Technology Book for UPSC

A set of recommended books to prepare Science and Technology UPSC Notes are listed below which will definitely help aspirants to prepare for UPSC 2023:

  • NCERT books from grades 9 to 12
  • Science and Technology in India by Kalpana Rajaram
  • 1000+ Questions on General Science by TMH
  • Science and Technology For CSE by Ravi P Agrahari
  • Neeraj Nachiketa – Science and Technology
  • General Science for Civil Services Preliminary Examinations by S.A.Majid

Benefits of Science and Technology UPSC Notes

After gathering the resources and notes for Science and Technology for UPSC, candidates should kickstart their preparation. Having access to the right study materials would allow the candidates to complete their preparation efficiently. The benefits of having Science and Technology UPSC Notes are as follows:

  • The study materials of Science and Technology for UPSC are based on recent trends of questions. Covering the latest, and important topics first would allow the candidates to cover the sub-topics in an efficient manner.
  • Candidates can download the Science and Technology UPSC Notes PDF which would allow them to read it in offline mode.
  • Candidates can find MCQs in the study material which they can practice for better performance in the exam.
  • The notes are made by the experts and toppers which will make things easier to understand for the candidates.
  • While covering the vast syllabus of UPSC, candidates may feel overwhelmed. But if they have access to the concise, and clear Science and Technology UPSC Notes then it will make things a lot easier for them.
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