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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

IPS Books are an essential part of IPS exam preparation. They help candidates cover the entire syllabus in a structured manner, gain in-depth knowledge, and develop the problem-solving skills required to clear the exam. These books cover various topics such as Indian Polity and Constitution, Indian Economy, Indian History, Current Affairs, General Science, etc. IPS Books provide a structured and comprehensive approach to studying and help candidates build the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this highly competitive field.

IPS Books are specifically designed to help aspirants prepare for the IPS exam. The Indian Police Service is one of the most prestigious and coveted civil services in India. It is responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing crime, and maintaining public order in the country. These books are important for IPS exam preparation because they provide in-depth knowledge about the subjects that are tested in the exam. Aspirants can refer to IPS Books to do exam preparation, clarify their doubts, and strengthen their understanding of the subject matter.

IPS Books

The IPS exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission to recruit candidates for the Indian Police Service. Preparation is key to clearing the IPS Exam, and one of the most important aspects of preparation is reading the right books.

There are several books available in the market that cover the syllabus of the IPS Exam, including Current affairs, Indian history, polity, economy, and geography. These books provide in-depth knowledge and help candidates to prepare well for the exam. Candidates can check the list of best IPS Books in detail below.

List of IPS Books 2023

Preparing for the IPS exam requires a focused and comprehensive study plan. One of the essential components of this exam preparation is selecting the right IPS Books for preparation. There are various books available in the market, but choosing the best ones can make a significant difference in the exam’s outcome.

These books cover a wide range of topics and provide a comprehensive understanding of various subjects that are parts of the IPS Syllabus. Here is a list of some of the best IPS Books for preparation.

Book Title Author Publisher
Indian Polity M. Laxmikanth McGraw Hill Education
Indian Economy Ramesh Singh McGraw Hill Education
History of Modern India Bipan Chandra Orient BlackSwan
India’s Struggle for Independence Bipan Chandra Penguin India
Geography of India Majid Husain McGraw Hill Education
Certificate Physical and Human Geography Goh Cheng Leong Oxford University Press
Environment and Ecology Majid Husain McGraw Hill Education
Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude G. Subba Rao and P.N. Roy Access Publishing
Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal S.Chand Publishing
Quantitative Aptitude R.S. Aggarwal S.Chand Publishing

Importance of Best Books for IPS Preparation

Books are an essential component of the preparation process for the Indian Police Service exam. They provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, and accurate information, and make them vital for success in the exam. Here are some reasons why IPS Books are important:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: IPS Books provide comprehensive coverage of the exam syllabus.
  • Accurate and Reliable Information: These books are written by subject matter experts who have in-depth knowledge of the exam syllabus. They provide accurate and reliable information that is relevant to the exam.
  • Time-Saving: These books help in saving time by providing all the relevant information in one place. This eliminates the need to search for information across various sources.
  • Enhance Critical Thinking: These books are designed to enhance critical thinking by encouraging students to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information. This helps in developing problem-solving skills, which are important for the IPS exam.
  • Language Proficiency: IPS Books can improve language proficiency by providing exposure to the language used in the exam. They also help in building vocabulary and improving grammar, which are important for the exam.

How to Prepare with IPS Books?

Preparing for the IPS exam requires a structured and disciplined approach. One of the key resources for exam preparation is IPS Books, which cover a wide range of topics related to the exam. These books cover a wide range of topics and provide a solid foundation of knowledge for the exam.

Candidates can check the tips below that can help them to make the most of IPS Books and increase their chances of success in the exam.

  • Make a Study Plan: First and foremost, create a study plan that allocates specific times for reading and revision. Follow the plan religiously to stay on track.
  • Understand the syllabus: Before you start reading IPS books, familiarize yourself with the IPS Syllabus. This will help you focus your reading and ensure that you cover all the relevant topics.
  • Start with the basics: Begin with basic topics and gradually move on to more advanced ones. This will help you build a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding.
  • Prioritize Topics: Prioritize the topics from IPS Books according to the weightage and importance of each topic in the exam syllabus. Begin with the topics that you are weak in and gradually move towards the stronger ones.
  • Take Notes: While reading IPS books, take notes on the key points, formulas, and facts. This will help in easy revision and will also assist in creating quick reference guides.
  • Supplement with online resources: IPS books are a great source of information, but they can be supplemented with online resources such as newspapers, news articles, videos, and podcasts.
  • Revise Regularly: Regular revision is crucial to retain the information. Review your notes and revise the content regularly to keep the concepts fresh in your mind.
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