IAS Promotion Chart with Years – Rules for Promotion of IAS Officers

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

IAS Promotion Chart with years will assist the UPSC aspirants in tracing their career path. It is of utmost essentiality for the candidates to have a comprehensive knowledge of the post before starting its preparation. There are certain rules pertaining to the promotion of IAS Officers. The meritorious IAS Officers are felicitated and also promoted to higher levels to manage higher roles and responsibilities.

The Officers need to serve the country for a certain number of years to fit the eligibility criteria for getting promoted to higher posts. The salary increases proportionately in accordance with the post the IAS Officers are promoted to. Check the complete details of the IAS promotion chart with years and salary to be able to trace the career opportunities and challenges in becoming a civil servant.

Promotion of IAS Officers

The meritorious, and hard-working IAS Officers can be promoted to higher levels. The vacancies are released every year for the promotion of Civil Servants. The eligible and competent officers are selected by the Committee. Exceptional civil servants are offered higher designations, higher roles and responsibilities, and higher salary structures. Here is the list illustrating the designation that the Officers can get after getting promoted-

  • Assistant Secretary/ Undersecretary/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate
  • Under Secretary/ Deputy Secretary/ Additional District Magistrate
  • Deputy Secretary/ Joint Secretary/ District Magistrate
  • Director/ Special Secretary-Cum-Director/ District Magistrate
  • Joint Secretary/ Secretary-Cum-Commissioner/ Divisional Commissioner
  • Additional Chief Secretary
  • Chief Secretary
  • Cabinet Secretary of India

IAS Promotion Chart with Years

The IAS Officers need to serve a certain number of years in the service for being considered for higher posts. This is an honourable job profile and is filled with varied opportunities. The promotion chart with years has been provided below to help the candidates gain complete knowledge of the UPSC job profile.

Promotion of IAS Officers

IAS Officers Promotion Chart with Years
Number of Years Needed in Service Post in Central Secretariat IAS Officer Ranks in State Secretariat Designation of IAS Officer in District Administration
1-4 Assistant Secretary Undersecretary Sub-Divisional Magistrate
5-8 Undersecretary Deputy Secretary Additional District Magistrate
9-12 Deputy Secretary Joint Secretary District Magistrate
13-16 Director Special Secretary-Cum Director District Magistrate
16-24 Joint Secretary Secretary-cum Commissioner Divisional Commissioner
25-30 Additional Secretary Principal Secretary Divisional Commissioner
30-33 No Equal Rank Additional Chief Secretary No Equal Rank
34-36 Secretary Chief Secretary No Equal Rank
37+ Years Cabinet Secretary of India No Equal Rank No Equal Rank

Rules for Promotion of IAS Officers

There are numerous rules and regulations pertaining to the promotion of IAS Officers. The screening Committees are instituted for promoting IAS Officers to numerous grades. It is the primary responsibility of the screening committee to find eligible and competent candidates for the posts and fill up the vacancies. Some of the rules for the promotion of IAS Officers concerning the screening committee are as follows

  • Screening Committees need to choose the candidates for the post in a just and objective manner.
  • The vacancies need to be filled each year. Both the present and the anticipated vacancies are to be filled by the Committee.
  • The Committee needs to meet at regular intervals for screening eligible candidates, decide the vacancies to be filled, etc. There ought to be a fixed time schedule for meetings which must not be delayed or postponed.
  • Clear vacancies ought to be taken into account and consideration such as the vacancies due to deputation, death, promotion, retirement, etc. Short-term or temporary vacancies must not be taken into consideration.

IAS Promotion Chart with Salary

The salary of the IAS Officers increases with the increase in the ranks of the Officers. The lucrative IAS salary along with the numerous benefits received by the IAS Officers is a major attraction of the job profile. The pay grade and the salary of the Officers have been listed here along with the posts.

Posts Pay Grade Salary
Assistant Secretary/ Undersecretary/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate 10 56,100
Undersecretary/ Deputy Secretary/ Additional District Magistrate 11 67,700
Deputy Secretary/ Joint Secretary District Magistrate 12 78,800
Director/ Special Secretary-Cum Director/ District Magistrate 13 1,18,500
Joint Secretary/ Secretary-Cum-Commissioner/ Divisional Commissioner 14 1,44,200
Additional Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Divisional Commissioner 15 1,82,200
Additional Chief Secretary 16 2,05,400
Secretary/ Chief Secretary 17 2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary of India 18 2,50,000

The comprehensive list illustrating the salary structure of the IAS Officers provides an in-depth analysis of the career path of aspiring civil servants. The aspirants will have to crack the toughest exam in India to be a part of the most prestigious services.

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