How much Majority is Required to Form a Government?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

To form a Government, a party or a coalition must have a 50% + 1 seat majority. The majority in the Government of India does not depend directly on the number of votes but on the number of seats won in the Lok Sabha. This is known as the absolute majority. A government with a majority is usually assured of the passage of its law and rarely fears being defeated in parliament.

Majority Required to Form a Government

As prescribed by the Constitution of India, the maximum strength of Lok sabha can be 552. At present, Lok Sabha consists of 545 seats, including the Anglo-Indian representatives. Hence to have a majority in the Lok Sabha or to form a government, any political party or coalition should have more than half seats, i.e., at least 273 seats.

  • This type of majority, where more than 50% of the total membership of the house is considered, is known as the absolute majority.
  • An absolute majority is used during the general election for the formation of government at the Center and in the States.
  • Hence a minimum of 273 seat majority in the Lok Sabha is needed to form a government.
  • A stable coalition of two or more parties to form an absolute majority is termed a majority government.

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