Who is Known as the Father of Yoga?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Father of Yoga is Lord Shiva. Yoga is an essential part of the Indian culture as people have been practicing it since ancient times, and now it has become a global phenomenon. Different yogis have been credited for their contribution to the field of Yoga. Maharshi Patanjali is commonly referred to as the father of modern-day yoga.

Father of Yoga

Since Lord Shiva is considered the Adiyogi or the first yogi, it makes sense that he is the actual father of yoga. It is also believed that Lord Shiva was able to attain 100% enlightenment and use 100% of his brain. After careful consideration and a long time, Lord Shiva agreed to impart the knowledge of Yoga or yogic science to the human race.

Due to the overwhelming euphoria, he was experiencing, he arrived in the Himalayas and immediately began dancing. His ferocious dance inspired everyone to discover the source of his happiness, except for seven people, everyone who gathered left while they were waiting for him to reveal the information.

History of Yoga

The Saptrishis are this group of seven individuals. These Saptrishis begged Lord Shiva to reveal the method for achieving such a blissful, euphoric state and the secret to his total enlightenment.

  • Lord Shiva remained motionless and unmoved by the outside world.
  • After 84 years, the Saprishis began their sadhana, which pleased Lord Shiva, and he ultimately decided to instruct them.
  • Shiva decided to teach the human race about yogic science after careful observation.


Who is Known as the Father of Yoga?

Lord Shiva is believed to be the first yogi or Adiyogi and referred to as the Father of Yoga or yogic science. He imparted the knowledge of yoga to the human race after careful consideration. It is believed that Lord Shiva had attained total enlightenment, which meant he could use 100% of his brain. His yogic practices were a blessing to the human race.

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