What does Urban Waste Include?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Urban Waste Includes Household waste, industrial waste, and waste from administrative, social, or public facilities. In general, urban garbage is a blend of household and industrial waste. As the name implies, urban rubbish is the waste collected in urban areas (cities and towns).

Urban Waste in India

Household waste, as well as waste from administrative, social, and public facilities, is considered urban waste. This term also refers to waste generated by commercial, recreational, and similar activities, the amount and composition of which allows it to be treated as urban waste.

In India, urban waste is an ongoing issue that poses too many environmental and health risks to the people. If this waste is not properly managed, it can be dangerous to both humans and the environment.

Types of Urban Waste

The following types of urban waste can be identified:

  • Solid waste
  • Plastic waste
  • Paper waste
  • Metal waste
  • Organic waste

Urban waste is generally collected by the municipal authorities through the Urban Waste Management System which was also proved to be a flawed one. A total of 62 million tons of municipal solid waste per annum is generated in urban India, which is expected to go up to 165 million tons by 2030.

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