Differentiate Between Endangered Species and Extinct Species

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between endangered species and extinct species arises when the species are either on the verge of extinction (endangered) or already vanished (extinct). When plants and animals still exist but are rapidly dwindling in number are endangered species. On the other hand, non-existing species of plants and animals are called extinct species. Many species risk extinction or becoming endangered due to various circumstances. The most important of these is how people behave.

Difference Between Endangered Species and Extinct Species

Most species are on the verge of extinction or are endangered for the following reasons mentioned below.

  • Deforestation
  • The slaughter of animals for food
  • Recreation and construction projects
  • Lack of respect for flora and fauna.

Let us understand the difference between these two words. Following are some ways to differentiate between Endangered and Extinct Species:

Endangered Species Extinct Species
Endangered species are on the verge of extinction. No living representatives of an Extinct species exist.
Most of the habitat damage for hunting is to blame for the extinction of many animal and plant species. These species have been fully exterminated due to human activity and natural disasters.
An endangered species can be saved from extinction by using various conservation techniques. It is impossible to revive extinct species.
Numerous groups and Governments can monitor them for their rescue. Keeping track of extinct species is almost impossible.
These species bear a finite number of live plants or animals. These species do not have any live plants or animals.
Example: Tiger, Barasingha, etc. Example: Dinosaurs, Wolly Mammoth, etc.

Endangered Species vs Extinct Species

Being endangered means facing extinction. This emphasizes that the species has a low population and is at risk of extinction. Many laws and regulations have been enacted worldwide to protect endangered species.

  • A species is said to be endangered if less number of individuals exist.
  • A species is considered extinct when it no longer exists.

As you all know, many species consider planet Earth home, ranging in size from small insects to giant mammals such as elephants and whales.

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