Differentiate Between Nation State and Modern State

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Nation-State and Modern State is that Nation states first emerged in Europe whereas modern states emerged out of nation-states. Nation states and modern states differ on one main criterion, which is the identity of the people in the states. In a nation-state, people with a shared identity, language, culture, and customs fought with the monarchy to establish a nation run by the people. On the other hand, modern states are more developed versions of them, with better-centralized administration and authority.

Difference Between Nation State and Modern State

Check out the key differences between nation-state and modern state in the table shared below:

Nation State Modern State
People have a shared identity based on language, culture, and customs. People of different identities coexist peacefully in a modern state.
Nation and state are congruent. Centralized power and authority.
Nation-states have a single government and a common identity. Modern states are more open to having international interaction and diverse identities.
The formation of a nation-state is almost always based upon the people’s desire to dominate the state through their shared identities. The same cannot be said about a modern state, where people of diverse identities and cultures coexist.
People with similar ideologies and backgrounds form it. It is the advanced version of the nation state.

Nation State vs Modern State

In short, A nation-state was one in which the majority of its citizens came together to create a sense of shared identity, history, or descent. In comparison, a modern state includes a centralized supremacy exercising the monarch’s power over a distinctly specified colony.

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