Difference Between Political and Permanent Executive

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

The difference between Political and Permanent Executive is that the former is responsible for upholding equality, justice, etc. while the latter serves as secretary. Political Executives serve for a specific amount of time. On the other hand, Permanent Executives are tasked with a specific project for a specific period. Civil Servants are the permanent executives who work for the government.

Key Difference between Political and Permanent Executive

The following table shows the difference between Political and Permanent Executive:

Political Executives Permanent Executives
They are responsible for all important domestic and foreign policy decisions. Domestic policy encompasses adjustments to tax structures (Direct tax and Indirect tax), labor and education regulations, etc. They don’t have much authority to make choices; instead, they work with political executives to implement policies at a lower level.
The citizens of the country select them. Therefore, they are responsible to the people. The President of India appoints the Permanent Executive for a specific term; hence they lack jurisdiction.
People elect them, and they can be substituted during the following elections. They remain permanent and hold power for a long time.
The political executive does not contain permanent members and gets altered when the government changes. Due to the fixed length of their terms, they continue to hold office even when the administration in power changes.

Political Executive vs Permanent Executives

The policy decision group is the Political Executives. These representatives decide the state’s frameworks and policies. Political leaders make choices regarding their finances, health, and education.

  • The public workers with a definite term in any administration are known as Permanent Executives.
  • You can find a list of the full-time government employees assigned to each ministry’s website.
  • The best illustration of a collective executive body is the Parliament.
  • When deciding on a group, all members of an administrative body have equal authority and power.
  • Each person is jointly responsible for their decisions.
  • The Prime Minister is in charge of the Important Committee of Ministers.

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