5 Difference Between Traditional and Modern Methods of Farming

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The difference between Traditional and Modern Methods of Farming is based on the rate of production, farming method, equipment used, etc. The term modern farming refers to farming that uses modern techniques and technologies. Several new discoveries and innovations have aided this farming. In disparity, a lack of modernization and low agricultural commercialization define the traditional farming system.

Agricultural activities, also known as farming, provide food security, primary industries, raw materials for secondary industries, and other benefits. It is all about achieving a goal in modern farming.

Difference Between Traditional and Modern Farming Methods

Below are the 5 differences between traditional and modern methods of farming:

Modern Methods of Farming Traditional Methods of Farming
Modern farming techniques are those that were developed recently and are based on science. These techniques take a lot of time and produce less yield.
The techniques produce more in less time and are rapid, effective, and simple to utilize. This type of farming method uses traditional seeds.
Since farmers have access to tube wells for irrigation, they are not dependent on monsoon rain. Traditional farming practices are those that date back to a bygone era and are no longer practiced.
Modern farming uses HYV seeds, irrigation, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, etc. Monsoon in India is essential to facilitate the old method of agriculture.
Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used. Fertilizers, cow dung, and other types of natural manure are used.

Traditional vs Modern Methods of Farming

Farmers can pursue commercialized careers and work environments in modern Indian agriculture. The use of hybrid HYV seeds for high yields, drip and sprinkler irrigation, canal systems, and modern equipment for cultivation through harvesting are examples of new techniques.

  • The modern farming system offers plenty of opportunities and resources for ancillary businesses and any service-related businesses to support the main activity.
  • Traditional farming is a time-honored method of growing food that has been in use for many centuries without the aid of modern technology.
  • Most of this farming type is commercially driven.
  • Old farming methods still use ploughs and other antiquated farming tools.

Traditional and Modern Methods of Farming – Advantages and Disadvantages

Traditional farming is hand-operated and uses traditional types of equipment, natural resources, organic fertilizer, and old customs of the farmers. This type of farming practice results in deforestation and depletion of the nutrient content of the soil.

On the other hand, modern farming operates with a lot of money, a workforce, equipment like thrashers and harvesters, and the latest technologies like selective breeding, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides. This farming type may lead to soil erosion, prompts the production of fuels, and causes threats to animal life.

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