What are the Differences Between Rural and Urban Settlements?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The differences between rural and urban settlements lie on the basis of development, the density of the population, employment opportunities, education, and amenities. Rural settlements usually refer to villages while urban settlements refer to towns, suburbs, and cities.

Differences between Rural and Urban Settlements

The difference between rural and urban is significant to understanding our society’s settlement. The key Differences Between Rural and Urban Settlements are based on the population size, type of development, social mobility, environment, division of labor, and several other factors given below.

Particulars Urban Areas Rural Areas
Development People enjoy a well-developed infrastructure and connectivity in urban areas like housing roads, airports, railways, seaports, etc. Rural areas are not much developed. They have poor infrastructure.
Density of population Since urban areas offer good development, people usually live there. Therefore, urban areas are densely populated. On the other hand, rural areas have less population.
Employment Opportunities People in urban areas take advantage of many opportunities associated with processing raw materials and manufacturing finished goods. People living in rural areas do not have many opportunities. They derive their income or support from land-based primary economic activities, such as agriculture.
Social Relations Life in urban settlements is complex, and everyone maintains formal social relations. In rural areas, people are less mobile and have close social ties between them.

Rural vs Urban Settlements

A Rural is a region found on the outskirts. It indicates a small settlement outside the city boundaries, commercial or industrial. Urban settlements represent an area that is densely occupied and contains man-made elements in its surroundings.

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