Describe the Different Methods of Population Control in Human Beings in Detail

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Updated on: February 17th, 2023

The different methods of population control in human beings are Contraception, Child Tax, One-Child Policy, Sterilization, Medical Abortion, Family Planning, etc. When the population is booming in a country, and it has few resources to accommodate the needs of any more people, it may employ introducing population control practices.

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Different Methods of Population Control in Human Beings

There are many various methods of population control in human beings, such as:

  1. Contraception: Contraception or birth control is used to prevent pregnancies during intercourse.
  2. Child Tax: Levying child tax can help in controlling the overflowing population.
  3. One-Child Policy: According to China’s one-child policy, people are only allowed to have a single child.
  4. Sterilization: A medical procedure that intentionally leaves a person (male or female) unable to reproduce.
  5. Medical Abortion: Medical abortions can help eliminate unwanted pregnancies.
  6. Family Planning: Family planning involves making better decisions about reproducing.
  7. Abstinence: Sexual abstinence is the method of abstaining from a few or all parts of sexual activity for psychological, social, medical, legal, or religious grounds.
  8. Emigration: It is an act of leaving one’s native country to settle in a different one.
  9. Euthanasia – It refers to the practice of deliberately ending one’s life to reduce pain and misery.

Population Control Measures

Overpopulation can cause threats like over-exploitation of resources, environmental damage, etc. With the help of population control methods, it becomes possible to avoid such dangers.

  • Various population control methods, such as the one-child policy and child tax, can be considered legal obligations among the people.
  • On the other hand, the encouragement of sterilization and contraception is not perceived as such a harsh measure.
  • In the long run, however, family planning and educating people can help the most with the need for population control.

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