Why Do You Want to Become An IAS Officer? Top Reasons to Choose IAS

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Why IAS? Selecting IAS as a career path offers several incredible advantages, like prestige, a platform to serve the nation, employment security, competitive pay, travel abroad, job fulfilment, etc. With a wide range of positions available within the commission, the civil services provide ambitious students with an appealing and demanding professional path. Furthermore, compared to other services in India, the IAS provides a broader range of jurisdiction and power.

An IAS determines the country’s course because it is responsible for carrying out all developmental and government policies. If you’re still unsure why do you want to become an IAS officer, read this article and learn the top reasons to become an IAS officer.

Why IAS?

Civil services allow you to work for the nation and its residents, unlike any private career or business where you are restricted to the company you work for. Being an IAS officer is one of the most distinguished job choices in the public sector. It is a fantastic chance to join the bureaucracy and serve the public. Only a few applicants are chosen each year from among the hundreds and thousands who take the UPSC Exam to become IAS officers.

The selection of only a few candidates in the IAS Exam is due to the stringent selection process. All candidates must pass the Prelims, Mains, and Interview rounds of the exam. An IAS officer faces many difficulties throughout their career. The main justification for choosing the Indian Administrative Services as a professional choice is discussed in this article.

Top Reasons to Become an IAS Officer

Lakhs of candidates take the Civil Services Exam each year. Their desire to work in IAS is the only dream they have. Although it is difficult to get there, becoming an IAS Officer is the ultimate job. When you experience success after hardships, everything becomes memorable, such as long strenuous hours given for answer writing practices or solving multiple UPSC Prelims Question Papers.

IAS is consistently praised as being among the top career options ever. The key elements and motivations for selecting IAS as your ideal career are listed below:

  • An IAS profession offers unrivalled authority, power, and respect;
  • Being an IAS officer in the civil service gives one a strong sense of job security. Once chosen, an IAS officer serves till age 60 and can apply for an extension;
  • It is difficult to dismiss or terminate an IAS officer;
  • Regarding the Salary of an IAS Officer, the 7th pay commission brought civil servant salaries into compliance with governmental regulations. In addition to the wage scale, an officer is given outstanding facilities and perks;
  • You have rightful authority and power because you are an IAS. With your power, you can genuinely benefit people and society;
  • The government bears all the major expenses, such as telephones, house rent, etc., when you become an IAS Officer;
  • A government vehicle is allotted to you with a chauffeur at your service throughout the day.

Despite having a deep-seated desire to become IAS, candidates refuse to study for it because they believe it to be above their abilities and that it is the most challenging exam. You might be shocked that many IAS Toppers have mediocre or subpar academic records, yet they managed to clear the exam with flying colours. You must follow the appropriate UPSC Preparation Strategy, work hard, and be serious. Results will come about naturally.


One should choose to sit for the UPSC Exam if one is determined and dedicated to their goal and aspirations. No other private job can compare to the level of job security IAS gives you. Your authority and power will be legitimate. With your power, you can genuinely benefit people and society. The IAS salary will be paid to you at the end of each month in a decent amount.

Numerous young people in India long for a position in the government. And the IAS reigns supreme in terms of government employment. Civil services employees hold the top positions in the government. The private sector offers its fair share of glory and wealth, but the fact that lakhs of people attempt the exam each year shows that most people want a solid government position.

IAS Exam 2023

The CSE, popularly known as the IAS Exam, is held by Union Public Service Commission annually. Candidates who intend to take the approaching exam must start preparing early to increase their chances of passing the exam with a high rank. With each passing year, the competition has gotten tougher.

Millions of youngsters apply for the coveted services through this toughest exam in India, but only a small number make it to the final UPSC Results.

IAS 2023 Events IAS 2023 Exam Dates
Date of Release of UPSC 2023 Notification 01 February 2023
UPSC Form Date 2023 01 February 2023
UPSC Exam 2023 Application Last Date 21 February 2023
IAS 2023 Prelims Date 28 May 2023
UPSC Mains 2023 Exam Date 15 September 2023

Now that the UPSC 2023 Calendar is available, it is critical for all applicants to keep track of the dates to plan well. May 28th, 2023 has been set aside for the UPSC Prelims. For Mains, the exam date is 15 September 2023.

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