The Content of the Communication is Called

By Sakshi Yadav|Updated : July 28th, 2022

The content of any communication is its message. A message in communication can be either in verbal or non-verbal form and the originator of the message is the sender. A sender is a person who begins the communication by sending a message to the receiver. The message can be in any form such as words, gestures, or voice notes. 

Verbal and Nonverbal Message

Any message can be of two types i.e verbal and nonverbal. Verbal messages are in written or spoken words, email, sign language, phone calls, and sometimes skywriting. Whereas non-verbal messages do not include words, it has body language, gestures, clothing, etc.

Encoding and Decoding of Message

Communication refers to the process of sending and receiving messages which also referred the encoding and decoding of messages. Therefore the term encoding means creating any information and message that a sender wants to convert and decoding is the opposite of encoding as it refers to understanding the message in its own language. The encoding process is done from sender side and decoding is from the receiver.


The Content of the Communication is Called

Communication is a process in which data, information, or message are sent to the receiver through the channel, and at the end, a sender gets feedback from the receiver. Communication is a circular process and sender, receiver, channel, message, and feedback are the main element of any communication.

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