How to Prepare for SSC JE Paper 2 Electrical Engineering Exam? Know Preparation Tips for SSC JE

By Ankita Singh|Updated : September 10th, 2021

How to prepare for SSC JE Paper 2 Electrical Exam: SSC has released the exam date for SSC JE tier 2 exam. The SSC JE descriptive paper is scheduled for 26th September 2021. Thus, it is high time that all the qualified candidates follow a proper strategy for the SSC JE paper 2 exam preparation. As there is a cut-throat competition for SSC JE tier 2 exam, thus, you must ensure that you follow the preparation tips that we have shared with you here in this article. 

SSC released the SSC JE paper 1 result on 30th June. A total of 1885 candidates have qualified paper 1 of Electrical/Mechanical Engineering and will appear in SSC JE 2021 Paper 2. The interested candidates should start their full-fledged preparation taking reference from this article.

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SSC JE Paper 2 Exam Pattern

Paper 2 is a descriptive type paper (written Examination) of 300 marks and the total time duration given is 2 hours. SSC JE is conducted only for 3 branches - Mechanical/Civil/Electrical


Maximum Marks

Time Duration

SSC JE Civil

300 Marks

2 Hours

SSC JE Mechanical

SSC JE Electrical

Download SSC JE Tier 2 Admit Card

Tips to Prepare for SSC JE Electrical Paper 2

SSC JE Paper 2 exam is not an easy exam, as you get to descriptive paper. Thus, you have to prepare yourself for the SSC JE Paper 2 exam in such a way that you leave no stone unturned to qualify this paper. To prepare for the SSC JE tier 2 exam or descriptive paper you can do it in 2 ways, either you can do self-study or join coaching (online or offline). 

In this article, we have explained to you some very important tips to prepare for the SSC JE electrical paper 2 exams. 

Preparation Tips for SSC JE Paper 2 Electrical: Through Self Study

If you are preparing for the SSC Junior Engineer exam through self-study, then you should ensure that you have the best study material to study from. Having good study materials, study notes is really important as you do not wish to waste your precious time studying a vast number of books, notes that are not of good and reliable quality. 

you should also make sure that you are well known with the syllabus, books, study plan, previous year papers. Let us discuss each of the tips for SSC JE tier 2 preparation below in this article. 

Why is SSC JE Syllabus Important?

SSSC JE syllabus is important for analyzing the different topics under each subject that are needed to be focused on so that extra time is saved in learning unimportant topics. Make a list, segregate topics based on weightage and importance and use them while making study plans.

Which Books to follow for SSC JE Tier 2 Exam?

For SSC JE Paper 2, more importance is given to solving questions instead of reading the complete notes again. So, it is generally enough, if you cover 10 year’s Previous Years Papers and refer to B.Tech level books if you want to learn any weak topic thoroughly.

Book NamePublisher
SSC JE: Electrical Engineering - Topicwise Conventional Solved PapersMade Easy Publications
SSC JE (CPWD/MES) Electrical Engineering for Junior Engineers Recruitment Examination  (2018-19)G.K. Publication
SSC JE - 2019 Electrical Engineering Previous Year Objective Detailed Solution PapersZone Tech Publications

Good Study Plan for SSC JE Tier 2:

Make a study plan based on the weightage of topics prepared while reading the syllabus and timings can be decided based on your comfort and reading habits. Use small targets with proper breaks to avoid monotony but remember one thing, be consistent.

Download SSC JE Tier 2 Study Material PDF 

Practice SSC JE Electrical Tier 2 Previous Year Papers:

Previous year papers are always the best source to know the type of questions, level of difficulty and other related information regarding the Exam. In the case of SSC JE Paper 2, if you have practice 10 year's previous years questions that is more than enough as it covers almost all types of questions and you will also get an idea about the Examiner's favourite topics that are repeated from time to time or have the most chances to come.

Download SSC JE Previous Year Paper for Tier 2

Note: Other than previous years papers, you can also practice ESE previous years conventional questions for covering more concepts and types of questions. This will definitely have additional advantages.

Take Daily Mock Tests for SSC JE Tier 2:

Once you are done with the practice, this is the time to check your performance by giving Mock Tests. Mock Tests will let you know your weak and strong points and encourage you to timely work on them. They provide a real environment and increase your stress handling skills during exams. 

Regular Revision for SSC Jr. Engg. Paper 2:

Revise concepts based on daily Mock Test results and other important frequently asked questions. Create short notes and prepare a formula sheet of all the important formulae from a numerical point of view. Read famous theoretical concepts, laboratory and field test procedures, various design steps etc. 

Preparation for SSC JE Paper 2 Electrical: Enroll in Coaching

If you decide to prepare by joining any coaching institute they will plan everything for you. These can be summarized as follows:

  • First, they introduce the mode of the exam, syllabus, exam pattern of SSC JE Paper 2.
  • They plan classes based on the weightage of the subjects in SSC JE Paper 2. The most important subjects are covered first and vice versa.
  • Since the syllabus is already covered in SSC JE Paper 1, the main focus they give is to practice various important Questions subject-wise based on the classes planned. They make notes of all the important questions that are repeated or most expected questions to come this year based on Expert’s analysis and research from the previous years papers. So, if you are considering preparation through coaching, it is always advisable to join in both the stages, Paper 1 and Paper 2 because these courses are designed in continuation.
  • Daily assignments are given to practice at home. All the books and study material is provided by the Institute that saves time and energy.
  • After all the subjects are completed, Mock Tests Series are planned topic wise, subject wise and finally Full Syllabus to improve accuracy, efficiency, writing speed and time management.
  • Revision classes are there to refresh all the concepts in students' minds.
  • Short notes, important formula sheets etc are provided for quick revision in the last 15 days. 

Important Points to Note for SSC JE Electrical Paper 2 Exam Preparation 

  • To begin with, practice all the previous year SSC JE Main answers and after that ESE mains previous year questions.
  • The above two sources are enough as it covers most of the important topics.
  • Note down the topics being repeated. As in this paper, most of the concepts are being repetitively asked.
  • Enhance your Answer writing practice as time is less and you have to attempt all the questions.
  • While writing answers, try to be specific, to the point. Don’t write extra things as it will only waste your time.
  • Try to write theoretical answers in points as these are easy to read and clearly convey your answer to the examiner as compared to paragraph form.
  • In Numerical questions, write solutions step-wise for example: First write the concept used, define the related formula and definitions and then under calculation, mention given, to find information in question and then finally write a detailed solution. This will create an extra impact on the examiner.

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  • You may get choices in SSC JE paper 2 but not always necessary.

  • There are generally a total of 6 questions and each question has its subparts like a, b, c and d in the SSC JE Paper 2 exam.

  • You have to complete all the questions of SSC JE tier 2 in 2 hours.

  • Yes, if you have practiced well and you are familiar with all the concepts then you can complete the whole paper in 2 hours but you have to be very quick as no time should be wasted in thinking while taking the SSC JEr. Engg tier 2.

  • Yes, you can use both blue and black color pens for SSC JE Tier 2 exam. But as the time is limited, it is advisable to use single color blue pen and for highlighting underline that part like headings etc.

  • Yes, as per the SSC JE notification, you are allowed to bring your own Slide–Rule, Calculator, Logarithm Table and Steam Table for SSC JE Paper 2 only.

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