Questions Asked In The Actual UPSC CSE Interview Part 8

By Aman|Updated : April 1st, 2021

This article will be especially helpful for aspirants who have Tamil Literature as an optional and those who belong to Tamil Nadu. Rest of the candidates can also learn about the type of questions being asked in the interview.

Questions Asked In The Actual UPSC CSE Interview

In this series, we will bring to you the actual questions asked in the UPSC Civil Services Exam Personality Test by the Interview Board. This series will help the aspirants prepare themselves for the profile based questions.

Here is the list of questions

Name: XYZ

Optional: Literature - Tamil

Education: BE (computer science)

State: Tamil Nadu

Job: Worked in wipro

Year: 2020

Chairman Questions

  1. What are you doing now?
  2. How is business in the corona times? Have your employees left the place?
  3. Is e commerce a threat to your business?
  4. In many traditional businesses why dont the parents like their children to come to business?
  5. Can we let the market forces to determine the fate of these businesses or should we have special intervention?
  6. If one business you want to hold tight and don't want it die its natural course what would that be? Why?
  7. Why did you select Tamil literature ? Is it because it is high scoring?
  8. Who is favorite writer in Tamil and why?
  9. If empathy is shown in lower office in government why so many petitions come directly to district collectors?
  10. Then are you saying machines can become a substitute for government officers?

Comment: Questions are related to the background of the candidate, his optional, his job profile and his home state. Current issues like covid-19 have been added to make questions more relevant.

Member 1 Questions

  1. If you let market forces rule over everything like traditional occupations ,would we not lose our heritage?
  2. What is your view about BIMARU states?
  3. Which BIMARU state will develop fast in the present scenario?

Comment: All our contemporary development issues which one can answer easily if one reads GS well.

Member 2 Questions

  1. What motivational videos do you watch?
  2. Would they have helped?
  3. What is the coastal hazards in general and the effects for the fishing community?

Comment: First question is related with interest of the candidate while last question is a general studies question which is relevant to the home state of Tamil Nadu.

Member 3 Questions

  1. What is katchatheevu issue ? What rights do Indian fishermen have over there now?
  2. Why fishermen killings in Indian waters near silence? Who is responsible for that?

Comment: All these are questions which have a deep impact on India-Sri Lanka relations with a specific focus on Tamil Nadu.

Member 4 Questions

  1. Do you think Tamilnadu is in the top of development as in 20 years before? Why it cannot continue that path?
  2. What is the per capita income in Tamilnadu?
  3. Differentiate between artificial intelligence and machine learning?
  4. How could it be used in governance?
  5. What is vocal for local and think global act local?
  6. When were they unveiled?
  7. Can machines replace humans in governance?
  8. Why can't empathy be infused into machines?

Comment: Here the questions are about Tamil nadu’s development issues and recent developments in economy- Aatmanirbhar Bharat and in science- Artificial intelligence.

Some tips for interview

As you can see, 80% of the questions are related to the profile of the candidate. Hence, it is advisable to the candidates selected for UPSC 2020 Interview to focus on their profile viz education, hometown, hobbies, optional subject etc.

Prepare answers to such questions and practice with friends and teachers for best presentation.

Keep hustling!!!


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