NDA SSB Interview Questions – Questions asked in SSB Interview for NDA

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

The candidate should know that a specific pattern is followed for NDA SSB Interview Questions in the interview. All aspirants need to understand that pattern to clear the NDA interview questions, which has four sections. The first section is the introductory part in which they will ask the candidate general NDA interview questions, only the basic ones. After that, the question’s level is raised to general questions regarding some real-life situations.

Then, the third section deals with NDA SSB interview questions regarding current affairs & social problems. Lastly, the interview round concludes with practical questions about the aspirant’s trade.

NDA Interview Questions

In the NDA SSB Interview, tricky questions are usually asked by the interviewer to check the candidate’s ability to deal with different life situations. Along with the sample NDA Interview Questions, we find it our duty to aware the candidates of the approach they must apply to answer those questions in the interview phase of NDA Exam. Below are various samples of the NDA SSB interview questions with sample answers.

Standard Type of NDA SSB Interview Questions

The following are some standard type of NDA SSB interview questions asked by the interviewer:

Standard NDA SSB Interview Questions

Tell me about yourself?

This question is the common question asked in almost every interview. Give a brief highlight about you & your family, your academic qualifications & professional engagements. The answer should be pretty accurate & to the point.

Tell me about your positive & negative strengths?


Tell me your strengths & weaknesses?

This question is asked to check how honest a candidate is to themselves. So, conduct one’s SWOT (i.e., Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & threats) analysis and back them up with logical explanations & examples.

For example, one may state that I follow my responsibilities very religiously; I can able to work very well under pressure. As for weaknesses, one might say I am a procrastinator (but I have made a two-minute rule to overcome it). I tend to be overconfident sometimes (but now I can control it & I am more humble now). 

Why do you want to join the Defence Forces?

This particular question is asked to determine the candidate’s clarity of thought in this regard. One must tell the exact reason that states their passion, interests, and motivation to join the defense forces. 

Never answered that it was my childhood dream or I always wanted to do this only. Just tell about the positive points of joining the defence, which could be uniform, the pride of the position, nature of the job, pride of serving the nation, salary & perks, adventurous life, etc.

Why don’t you try for the SSB after graduation through CDS?

Again this particular question will check the candidate’s honesty & integrity. Just tell them that joining NDA will give one more experience in defense. The NDA will bring a positive change to one’s personality & one will be trained in the best form for the army, air force, or navy from a very early age. They might even ask the candidates what made them interested in defense now. So, prepare the answer accordingly. 

What if you don’t get selected this time?

Politely reply that ‘Sir, I will try again next time. He may even oppose at that time by posing a question that if the candidate does not make it into defence, then what? Then one must show their dedication & determination towards defence. 

Tell that I would work very hard & make it. Alternatively, be ready for the plan. They may repeatedly ask that they are not fit for defense. What will one do now? So be prepared with alternate future options. But try to select the prospect closer to the defense forces so they can feel their love for the forces.

Why couldn’t you clear the SSB in a previous attempt (This is for repeaters)?

Be honest. Do not reply; I do not know, or I did well, but the SSB didn’t take me. This leaves a negative impression. One can say that I didn’t perform up to the mark in the psychological part or group discussion. One can add up by saying that I have prepared well this time.

Unusual Type of NDA Interview Questions

The following are some unusual types of NDA interview questions asked in the SSB interview:

Unusual NDA SSB Interview Questions

Do you smoke or drink or booze?

This is very tricky, especially for 10+2 entrants for the Muslims specifically. Be truthful. If the one doing this, then tell that you have done it once or twice. Suppose one does not then tell they don’t. Whatever they reply, always get ready for counter questions.

They may pose a question Why do you smoke or drink when you got to know it is bad for one’s health? Do your friends also smoke & drink? Why don’t you drink or smoke when your friends? So it’s better to avoid such kinds of questions.

Tell me the name of your best friends & state the qualities you dislike in them?

This question is asked to provoke one to criticize his/her friends. Before starting any weakness, think about why one would like to be with a person one dislikes for certain qualities. A best friend is an ideal friend who does not lack any quality. So be clever and discreet.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

If one would answer this question affirmatively by saying ‘yes,’ many counter questions would be posed.

Like they may ask what do you like in your boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you in a physical relationship? This is quite a tricky situation to get out of without losing any credibility. In order to avoid such a situation say ‘NO.’ 

Probably they would then ask why don’t you have a boyfriend or girlfriend or have you ever liked any boy or girl? One can state that I have not yet felt anything like this for anybody yet.

They may even ask if they are straight or not if one says ‘No’ to the question. But just tell them that I haven’t felt for anyone yet. And right now, they are just aiming to build a career.

Whom do you love the most – your mother or father and why?

This is quite a natural question. But be logical before responding. One could begin by saying, you love both of them equally from the core of my heart. But as they have asked to select one of them and give a compelling answer. So one may respond that your mother is very close to you since I get to spend more time with your mother. Share the best moments they spend with her. But be specific, do not go much in detail as they might start asking you more questions from the answers.

Do you watch adult movies?


Do not giggle in front of the interviewer when they ask you some questions. There is no good/bad question in the SSB interview. 

The questions related to sex, relationships, etc., are just asked to check how calm & composed a candidate is. This helps the interviewer understand the mental personality and ability of the candidate.

It is up to the aspirant to answer a question positively or negatively. If one feels uncomfortable due to any type of question very personal to them, then say, ‘ sorry, Sir, I am not comfortable sharing this as it is very personal. The interviewer will move on to the next question themself.

What is your belief in marriage? (Love or Arranged)

Do not give a childish reply that ‘You don’t believe in marriage’ or ‘You have not yet thought about it. They expect mature answers from candidates. One must say they believe in both marriages and then give their opinion.

What is your daily routine?

Just present your daily schedule. Talk about hobbies & interests of one’s that will cast the candidate in a positive light. They expect one to shed light on their personality. Just show an accurate picture of who you are without disclosing something which might disqualify you for the job.

How have you prepared for the SSB exam? Have you taken any coaching for your SSB exam?

This is a very catchy question. One might be asked what they learned in the coaching. Just tell them that you have an idea of how SSB is conducted. Don’t let them know you were already familiar with the complete SSB assessment procedure.

Apart from the above NDA SSB interview questions related to the candidate’s native place, social issues, current job, and current affairs, the socio-economic background can be asked. Interviewers will always put the aspirants under pressure to check the response rate & quality of the answers. Just answer in a way that reflects your intelligence, personality, integrity, and character. Also, show your mental alertness & social etiquette as well.

NDA SSB Interview Questions: Conclusion

The conclusion is that no matter what question is posed to the candidate, it is all just to ensure how well one can take stress while still being logical & giving reasons for their answer. So, try to be more practical and reasonable in one’s approach.

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