SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

SSB Interview Dress Code: As we all know, first impressions are quite important in making a lasting impression. Your first impression does not necessitate a long list of stuff; it simply necessitates two things: Dress and Behaviour. When it comes to SSB interviews, many candidates overlook the importance of making a strong first impression.

Apart from intellectual and physical preparation, a decent personality and appearance are also important in SSB; after all, you are there as a potential Defense Officer, so you must maintain a certain level of professionalism. Keeping this in mind, we’ve broken down all of the nuances of the SSB interview dress code for you. In this article, we are discussing the dress combination for both male and female candidates during the SSB Interview procedure.

SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female

Dress Code for SSB Interview

In the following table, we are sharing the list of items/ clothing advised by the SSB interview call up letter. But it’s not mandatory to bring exactly these things. Also, you can clearly see that 1 set of formals is not going to do, you need at least two (or three in summer).

S. No.






Dark color trouser and light color shirt

1 set

1 set*

*Suits/Sarees permissible



2 pair

2 pair

Formal and Sports


Neck tie





Winter wear



Seasonal requirement during winter


White shorts & T-shirts

1 set

For GTO tests


Track suit


2 set**

* For winters only

** For GTO

General Tips on What Should you Wear for SSB Interview

The way you dress and walk through the door determines 55 percent of first impressions, and 65 percent of interviewers feel clothes are a deciding factor between two candidates. The majority of defence hopefuls, however, spend sleepless nights worrying over what to wear for the SSB Interview. Here are some helpful hints for deciding on your interview attire before the big day.

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In the SSB interview, men should wear the following outfits:

  • In the winter, wear a dark suit or blazer (navy, dark gray/charcoal, or black) with a white shirt, whereas in the summer, wear a plain white shirt. Dress in black formal trousers that are neither too baggy nor too skintight.
  • Select a conservative tie (either in black or navy blue). Bow ties and busy designs should be avoided. Tie designs with floral or pineapple motifs should be avoided. Solids are preferred, but stripes or dots are also options.
  • Your shoes should be either black, brown, or burgundy in hue. Wear socks that are the same color. Wear shoes that are toe-covered, impeccably polished, and free of scratches and stains.
  • Wear a solid-coloured belt to complement the color of your shoes. Avoid belts with patterns or that are too bright.
  • Remove any distracting jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.
  • Choose a haircut that is clean, sleek, and well-kept. Also, shave your beard and moustache to present your finest self.
  • The morning of the interview, shower or bathe. Deodorant should be worn. Wearing perfume or aftershave is not a good idea. You don’t want to be overpoweringly scented.
  • Make sure you’re not out of breath. Before you depart for the interview, brush your teeth. Before the interview, don’t smoke.

SSB Interview Dress Code for Male and Female

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Go for a Dress Rehearsal

  • On the day of the SSB interview, avoid deciding what to wear. You don’t want to look like a youngster dressed up in daddy’s outfit. It’s just as crucial to get the perfect fit as it is to get the right outfit.
  • Try on your entire clothing a few days before the SSB interview to make sure it fits correctly and appears clean and professional. To test how your interview dress fits and feels, conduct a mock interview with a friend or family member while wearing it.
  • Do your laundry and ironing a couple of days ahead of time. Check for wrinkles, stains, holes, or pet hair one last time the night before the interview.

Don’t worry too much about the SSB Interview dress if you keep the preceding tips in mind. Always keep your outfit simple and avoid overdoing it. Make sure that anything you choose to wear is comfortable for you. You may appear uneasy and awkward if you are uncomfortable with your clothes. Remember that initial impressions last a lifetime. If you follow the advice in this post when making your decision, you will surely be able to get an SSB Interview.

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