Why to Choose Defence as a Career Option: Check here the Reasons to join the Indian Army!

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Why Choose Defence as a Career Option: Joining the armed forces is one of the most prestigious and respected careers in the country. Young people can fulfil all of their professional expectations by pursuing a career as an officer in the military, which is full of challenges, excitement, and adventure. Our country’s armed forces are primarily comprised of four professional uniformed services: The Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Coast Guard. In our country, various paramilitary inter-service organizations exist to assist the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian Army is the world’s third-largest, and its soldiers are regarded as the best in high-altitude battles. The armed forces are managed by the Ministry of Defence, or the central government.

Motivation is the internal drive to achieve a goal that drives people to work. The following are the factors that motivate young people to join the Indian army, as discussed in this article.

The defence as a Career Option

A career in defence not only makes a person disciplined and strong, but it also opens up many other opportunities for growth. Defence personnel receives extensive training in combat and the use of various types of weaponry, and they are equipped to handle the security of anything, from a club to the entire country.

Soldiers with guns slung over their shoulders, dressed smartly in army uniforms, marching like machine men, heads held high and eyes blazing with unwavering confidence. This is what a career in defence typically entails.

The only difference is that you could be commanding a small group of commandos or leading a squadron of fighter jets in the blazing skies, wielding any weapon from an automatic rifle to ballistic missiles. However, the main feature remains the same: face-to-face combat with enemy forces and challenges that no ordinary man can face.

A career in the military transforms a person into a hero, a true hero. It all begins with recruits completing a training course that prepares both their bodies and minds to face any challenge, combat any threat, and overcome any pressure. A common person is transformed into a brave, agile, and fearless soldier as a result of the training.

Reasons to join the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, or Indian Coast Guard


Members of the armed forces are without a doubt among the most well-respected professionals in any society. Why should they not be? They put their lives on the line and survive in harsh conditions so that ordinary citizens can sleep peacefully and be proud of their country. People are aware of their significant role and contribution. Furthermore, their bravery and discipline fascinate them.

Personal satisfaction:

Serving in the military allows you to give back to your country.

Job security:

In today’s economic climate, having an honest and respected government job is the best option due to job security.

Skill development:

A person possesses a wide range of skills, which can include physical abilities such as strength and stamina as well as mental abilities such as calmness and courage. The various training programs administered within the defence academies impart such skills. These abilities are essential for a person’s success because they make them more confident, strong, and increase their chances of fulfillment.

Postretirement benefits:

Armed forces personnel receive a pension for the rest of their lives, in addition to their provident fund and other savings (the Indian army is one among the few organizations to provide the advantage of pension in our country).

Benefits for the family:

Officers in the military are entitled to benefits such as free schooling for their children, free medical care for their dependents, canteen privileges, loan privileges, and excellent housing.

Defence Uniform:

The defence uniform is without a doubt one of the most fascinating aspects of the soldier. The glitz of the uniform, as well as the badges, instill a sense of pride in the wearer.

Higher education opportunities: You can continue your academic studies even after joining the Indian army. You can always apply for higher studies if you’re a soldier who needs to be promoted to officer rank.


If you enjoy travelling and discovering new places, joining the Defence Forces could be a fantastic opportunity for you. Soldiers in the Armed Forces are required to move from one region to another across the country on a regular basis. Soldiers will be able to visit new places, interact with new people, and learn about new cultures as a result of this.


When it comes to lifestyle, the defence forces are unrivalled. As you may be aware, a healthy mind is reflected in a healthy body. Soldiers stay physically fit and active for the rest of their lives with regular exercise and a good routine.

What options are available to an aspirant to join Defence forces?

A career as an officer in the Defence Forces has always held a place of honour and respect among the youth, despite its low popularity as a career option these days. Despite the exponential growth in white-collar jobs over the last two decades, a large part of the reason is due to youth unawareness of the options available, service conditions, and quality of life.

Technical Entry (10+2):

A student who has completed his plus two examinations can now pursue an engineering career in the Army or Navy through the Technical Entry Scheme, which allows him to train as an engineer at no cost to the Army before being commissioned as an officer. This position does not require a UPSC examination.


Aside from that, after passing the UPSC written exam, admission to the National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla is still quite popular. NDA offers world-class training opportunities, including a JNU bachelor’s degree in science or humanities. It provides a plethora of opportunities to expand one’s personality and pursue new interests. In fact, there are more than thirty extracurricular activities to select from, including astronomy, aero-modelling, golf, sailing, gliding, windsurfing, and many others.

University Entry Scheme (UES):

Engineering graduates can join the University Entry Scheme in their pre-final or final year, or the Technical Graduate Scheme after graduation, without having to take a written exam, by appearing before the Service Selection Board. In both cases, the candidate receives two-year ante-date seniority and is commissioned as a captain.

CDS Entry

A graduate can become a regular or short-service commissioned officer bypassing the Combined Defence Services examination. Regular commissioned officers are trained at the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun, which is regarded as the cradle of military leadership. Those interested in joining the SSC (Short Service Commission) are trained at Chennai’s Officer’s Training Academy(OTA) and serve for a duration of five years. He has the option of resigning at the end of this term or opting for a five-year extension or a permanent commission.

Women’s entrance to graduate, postgraduate, and engineering programs has been extremely popular and competitive. After completing her training at the OTA in Chennai, a woman officer can now serve for up to fourteen years. The Services Selection Board selects the applicants. Even in the field, women officers have outperformed their male counterparts in every sphere.


The Armed Forces have systematically focused over time on making the services more appealing, including faster promotions, improved housing availability, and high-quality education for children. The profile of modernistic equipment in the services is both challenging and exciting.

Above all, the rich quality of life provided by the services, tempered by good discipline, is unrivalled. Many young people are attracted to the glamour of high pay in the private sector. While some people succeed, in the majority of cases, the stress of working long hours, often against their biological rhythm, causes a lot of dysfunction in their lives. This leads to rapid burnout and preventable stress-related medical issues. It’s past time for the new generation to realize that life isn’t about being in a hurry, but about taking time to enjoy the ride.

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