Strategy to Outshine like a NDA Topper

By Dhruv Kumar|Updated : December 28th, 2022

As you are aware that NDA 1 2023 notification will be released on 21st December 2022 and exam will be conducted on 16th April 2023. Many of you must have started or about to start your preparations. While preparing for the exam you must be curious to know the exam strategy of toppers. Well, here in this article we will share some tips to outshine as a topper in the exam. 

Regularity is the key

  • Before making the time table and the daily schedule for preparation of NDA examination, a student should carefully examine the syllabus.
  • After analyzing the syllabus, one should draw the study plan according to his strength and weaknesses.
  • Instead of making hectic time table and devoting 8-10 hours per day initially, a student should make a sustainable study plan for long duration and should be regular with that plan.
  • Long hours of study in the initial phase of preparation can demotivate a student after a fortnight or a month.
  • A student should gradually increase the sitting hours instead of devoting long hours from start.

 Time-division and Time Management

  • There are two main spheres in NDA examination: Mathematics and General ability.
  • A student should divide his daily study hours into above 2 spheres according to his strengths and weaknesses. Ideal distribution is 50:50.
  • In addition to this, A student should divide the daily study hours in studying the topics and attempting questions related to topics.

 Creative Learning

  • Use of creative learning tools like Mind Maps, Chart, Diagrams, Maps and Pictures, Audio and Visuals, Mnemonics help the student to memorize and retain points and sub-points within a topic for a longer duration.
  • A student should incorporate these learning tools in his preparation strategy to reduce the size of notes and have better results.

 Revision and Practice

  • A student should try to revise each and every topic before the examination.
  • knowledge of the revised topic should be tested with practice sets and mock tests.
  • One should solve the previous ten-year question papers before Examination.
  • It’s a possibility that he would be able to get a few similar questions from previous year question papers in the examination.

 Group Discussions and constructive realization of free time

  • The student should utilize the free time by having healthy debates and discussions with family and friends
  • Students should have a group of few friends or people with whom they should have a healthy discussion on various topics.
  • To prove his/her point, a student tends to study the topic in detail and it helps in remembering the topic for a longer time.

 Mental Health

  • One cannot expect the same consistency with studies over a long period.
  • One should Understand his body and psychology and try to plan breaks according to that.
  • Occasional unplanned breaks are also helpful in reducing stress.
  • One should spare some leisure time every day to participate in any extra curriculum of their choice. It allows your mind to prepare your mind for bigger challenges.
  • One should have faith and confidence in himself.

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