What is The Value of Force Acting Per Unit Area?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The amount of thrust applied over the unit surface is called Pressure. Thrust is a perpendicular component of a force. Pressure is denoted by ‘P’ or ‘p’. The usage of ‘p’ or ‘P’ depends upon the field of work.

Force Acting Per Unit Area: Facts

The basic points about the Pressure are mentioned below. These facts will be helpful for the candidates who are preparing for government exams. Undoubtedly, it will clear their concept to cover the topics of the exam.

  • The perpendicular force acted over the unit surface area is called Pressure.
  • The S.I unit of the Pressure is Pascal.
  • The unit of Pressure was named after the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal.
  • One pascal is the Pressure exerted by 1 magnitude of force perpendicularly upon a 1 square metre area.
  • Other units of Pressure are bar, torr, and atm.
  • The CGS unit of Pressure is barye, equal to 0.1 pascals.

Standard Equation of Pressure

The standard equation of the Pressure is; Pressure (P)= F / A.


  • F= Magnitude of Normal Force Applied
  • A= Unit Surface Area

Apart from this, derivation of the unit of Pressure

  • The S.I unit of the Force is Newton (N).
  • The S.I unit of the Area is m2.
  • The S.I unit of the Pressure= N/m2= Pascal.


What is Called The Force Acting Per Unit Area?

The perpendicular component of the force applied over the unit surface area is called Pressure. Usually, students think that Pressure is a vector quantity as the force is a vector quantity. In fact, Pressure is Scalar Quantity as it has magnitude, but there is no fixed direction with it. The SI Unit of Pressure is Pascal, Which is denoted as Pa.

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