Most Expected MPSC Economy Questions for Rajyaseva Prelims 2022 Exam

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Most Expected MPSC Economy Questions: In recent years, the number of economics questions in the MPSC exam 2022 is increasing; around 15-16 questions come from the Indian Economy section. Hence, studying economy during MPSC exam preparation has become very important for aspiring civil servants. This article will get the top 10 most expected questions on the Indian economy for the upcoming MPSC prelims 2022 exam. Aspirants can also download the detailed solution to these questions and attempt the FREE mock test available. 

Most Expected MPSC Economy Questions

The questions asked in the MPSC Exam of this section are basically to ensure that the aspirants have a basic understanding of important static financial concepts and the latest developments in the Indian and global economy.

The questions on the economy are either current affairs or static in nature. Preparation for the MPSC economy subject is much easier than other subjects, as the questions mainly relate to basic facts in developing static episodes or famous current affairs. 

Most Expected MPSC Economy Questions for Rajyaseva Prelims 2022 Exam

Most Expected MPSC Economy Topics

It is always recommended to have only fundamental conceptual clarity of static economics and focus more on current affairs. Here are some most expected MPSC economy topics based on the previous year’s MPSC Question Paper.

  1. Growth and development.
  2. Inflation.
  3. Monetary policy in India.
  4. Banks & Financial markets.
  5. Indian Agriculture.
  6. Poverty, Inequality, and Unemployment.
  7. Government budgeting.
  8. Taxation in India.

Top 10 MPSC Economy Questions

To help aspirants score high marks in Economy, we are giving the top 10 topics in Economy which have been trending in the last few years. Aspirants can use the MPSC economy topics for last-minute revision before MPSC Exam 2022:

1. The three-year action agenda of NITI Aayog for 2017-2020 is aimed at

(a) Doubling farmer’s income by 2022

(b) Requirement of electricity to all households by 2022

(c) Setting central universities in all states by 2022

Answer Options

A. (a) only is correct

B. (b) and (c) only are correct

C. (a) and (c) only are correct

D. (a) and (b) only are correct

Answer ||| D

2.Which of the following statement/s is/are incorrect about Net National Product (NNP)?

(a) It shows net production of goods and services produced in a given financial year adjusted for net factor income from abroad.

(b) It includes exports, imports but not factor income from abroad.

(c) It is called ‘net’ because it deducts capital depreciation from total National Income.

Answer Options :

A. (c)

B. (a)

C. (b)

D. (a) and (c)

Answer ||| C

3. Which of the following is correct regarding Indian population?

(a) Annual population growth rate has been declining.

(b) Share of India’s young population has started declining.

Answer Options :

A. (a) only is correct.

B. (b) only is correct.

C. (a) and (b) both are correct.

D. (a) and (b) both are incorrect.

Answer ||| D

4.Pension Scheme, Pradhanmantri Shramyogi MandhanYojana is applicable for which of the following in India?

A. Construction workers

B. Audio-visual workers

C. Mid-day-meal workers

D. All the three mentioned above

Answer ||| D

Most Expected MPSC Economy Questions for Rajyaseva Prelims 2022 Exam

5.Which of the following statements are correct?

(a) The Human Capital Index (HCI) suggested in World Development Report – 2019 is measured in terms of the productivity of the next generation of workers

(b) HCI ranges between zero and one.

Answer Options :

A. (a) only is correct

B. (b) only is correct

C. both (a) and (b) are incorrect

D. both (a) and (b) are correct

Answer ||| D

6.Under 11th Five Year Plan,27 monitorable targets were divided into how many main categories?

A. 6 categories

B. 5 categories

C. 4 categories

D. 9 categories

Answer ||| A

7.Government of India’s ministry of Housing and urban affairs is implementing which scheme for urban planning and heritage conservation ?

A. Smart City Programme

B. Swachh Bharat Mission

C. Atal Mission

D. HRIDAY Programme

Answer ||| D

8.Consider the following statements :

(a) National Solar Mission (NSM) was launched in 2010

(b) It aims to generate 1,00,000 MW of power by 2021-2022

Answer Options :

A. (a) only is correct

B. (b) only is correct

C. (a) and (b) both are correct

D. (a) and (b) both are incorrect

Answer ||| C

9.Which of the following is/are not 2 Millennium Development Goal(MDG)?

(a) Achieve universal Primary education.

(b) Promotion of Sender equality.

(c) Reducing infant Mortality.

(d) Ensure environmental sustainability

Answer Options

A. (a) only

B. (a) and (b) only

C. (c) only

D. (c) and (d) only

Answer ||| C

10.Which of the following statement/s is/are correct about goals to be achieved under the National Population Policy, 2000?

(a) Reduce dropouts at the primary and secondary school levels to below 30 percent for both boys and girls.

(b) Reduce infant mortaility rate to below 20 per 1000 live births.

(c) Reduce maternal mortality ratio to below 100 per 1,00,000 live births

(d) Achieve 100 percent registration of births, deaths, marriage and pregnancy

Answer Options

A. (a) and (c)

B. (b) and (d)

C. (b) only

D. (c) and (d)

Answer ||| D

Expected MPSC Economy Question Solutions Download PDF

The BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have shortlisted the top 10 most crucial Indian Economy questions for the upcoming MPSC Exam 2022. Essential questions on Economy subjects for the MPSC exam and their detailed answers are available in the PDF given below: 

Most Expected Economy Questions, Download Solution PDF

Watch FREE Sessions on MPSC Economy

Here are some FREE sessions on the MPSC economy for the MPSC exam 2022:

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Attempt FREE Mock Test for MPSC Economy Preparation

MPSC toppers recommend solving MPSC mock tests as an essential part of civil services exam preparation. In the week before the MPSC Prelims 2022 exam date, candidates should revise thoroughly and take as many MPSC Mock Tests as possible. They should know that the MPSC test series can help them align their preparation before the exam.

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Proven Tips to Prepare for MPSC Economy

Revising the Indian Economy subject is much easier than others and therefore takes less time as the revision material is not very long. Below are some of the MPSC Preparation Tips and tricks from experts at BYJU’S Exam Prep to revise the MPSC Economy subject in the most effective manner:

Most Expected MPSC Economy Questions for Rajyaseva Prelims 2022 Exam

  1. Start from the basics and refer to 11th & 12th class NCERT economy books.
  2. Understanding the basic economic concepts
  3. Focus on the important terms of the Indian economy like GST, Niti Aayog, Taxation Structure, Inflation, Human Development, Banking, LPG Reforms, Money Supply etc
  4. Read a newspaper daily (The Hindu or The Indian Express) so that you are aware of the recent economic developments in the country.
  5. Note all the important highlights of the latest economic survey and the latest budget.

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