Maharashtra Traditional Dress: Check here Maharashtrian Outfit for Women

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Maharashtra Traditional Dress: Every culture that flourishes in India adds to the glorious diversity that the country has always been proud of. The people of Maharashtra have traditions that reflect their heritage and result from the climatic, social, and economic conditions prevailing on their land for a long time. The same can be called about the traditional dresses of Maharashtra. In this article, we will explore the Maharashtra Tradition Dresses. 

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Maharashtra Traditional Dress

The people of a region embrace a particular style of drapery or clothing, and ornaments passed on from generation to generation, retaining its individuality and changing in some aspect. Such changes & development in traditional clothing are brought about by geographic, social, political, and foreign influence. Although traditional clothing characterizes one ethnicity from another, it also emphasizes the unifying solidarity among people of a certain culture. 


Maharashtrian clothing not only delights the aesthetic sense but also, more importantly, portrays the state’s rich heritage, be it in terms of caste, profession, or geographic factors.  

Traditional Dresses of Maharashtrian Women

The following are the traditional dresses worn by women in Maharashtra:

  1. Nauvari Saree
  2. Himroo and the Mashru
  3. Paithani Saree
  4. Narayan Peth Saree
  5. Karvat-Kati Saree
  6. Ganga-Jamuna Saree

Let’s take a look at the traditional dresses of women in Maharashtra one by one:

Nauvari Saree:

Maharashtra Traditional Dress: Check here Maharashtrian Outfit for Women

  • The most familiar form of clothing traditionally worn by Maharashtrian women is the saree named ‘Nauvari’, which means ‘nine yards’, signifying the length of the fabric. 
  • It has a unique draping pattern similar to that of the ‘dhoti’ worn by men and allows the comfort of movement. 
  • These sarees are also named the ‘Kashta saree’. It directs to the way it is tucked at the back after draping around the waist and legs.


Himroo & the Mashru:

Maharashtra Traditional Dress: Check here Maharashtrian Outfit for Women

  • Originating in the city of Aurangabad in the 15th century, Himru and Mushru textiles are a luxurious heritage that has been around since it was exclusively for the nobles.
  • Woven from silver and gold threads, these fabrics combine cotton and silk in a special handloom and create a textured distinctive, and comfortable finish.
  • The process of weaving Himru is more complicated and requires special skills to master the finer points of the texture.

Paithani Saree:

Maharashtra Traditional Dress: Check here Maharashtrian Outfit for Women

  • Originating in Aurangabad in the 17th century, paithani sarees are perfect for occasions, though embroidered with gold threads and rich colours.
  • Painted in traditional colours, it is made of pure silk. It has beautiful motifs and symbols, especially on the side of the Pallava, which is the diagonal line of the sari drawn across the torso.


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