[Answer] Differential Manometer is Used to Measure:

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A) Very low pressure

B) Pressure in pipes, channels etc

C) Atmospheric pressure

D) Difference of pressure between two points

The difference between the pressure can be measured using the differential manometer. A differential manometer has a U-shaped tube containing a heavy liquid like mercury. Both ends of the U-shaped tube are connected to the measured pressure points. There are 2 types of differential manometers, i.e., U-tube and inverted U-tube differential manometers.

Important Points About the Differential Manometer:

Here are the details of the differential manometer. These details will help competitive exam candidates score good marks in the exams.

  • The manometer is a type of device used to measure absolute pressure.
  • The differential manometer measures the difference in pressure at two points.

Working: If one end of the U-shaped tube is in a place with higher pressure, the pressure will push down the mercury on that side of the line. Estimating the difference between the heights of mercury levels makes it possible to calculate the pressure differences.

Types of Differential Manometer:

Two types of differential manometer

  • U-tube differential Manometer
  • Inverted U-tube differential Manometer

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