Engineering Materials

By : Vineet Vijay

Find here complete Engineering Materials notes for GATE and mechanical engineering exam. Engineering materials is considered as a most technical subject in GATE, IES (ESE), ISRO and other ME exams. Although, It’s not a vast subject but includes important topics like Mild steel & alloy steel, Heat Treatment, Stress-Strain Diagrams For Engineering Materials, Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials, and Powder Metallurgy for GATE examination.

To get help in understanding the Engineering Material syllabus easily we have combined the notable resources here in the form of study notes, books, important formulas, weightage analysis, champion study plan, revision notes, and most asked topics. Here is the daily dose of important news and study notes of all the subjects with enhanced procedure and techniques to excel in the Exam.

Engineering Materials Notes for Mechanical Engineering

Weightage AnalysisGATE ME Weightage Analysis of Engg. Materials
Important FormulaImportant Formula for Engineering Materials
Best Books to ReadBest Books for Engineering Materials
Champion Study Plan
Revision NotesRevision Notes for Engineering Materials: GATE ME Champion Study Plan


TopicImportant Study Notes 
Heat TreatmentHeat Treatment Study Notes for Mechanical Engineering
Stress-Strain Diagrams For Engineering Materials
Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials
Powder MetallurgyMetal Casting Processes Study Notes for Mechanical Engineering
Mild steel & alloy steel-

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Engineering Materials